Sunday, 29 April 2012

ANYTHING but black - Blazers

Navy, chocolate brown, dark grey just not black! I’m not sure why, but I really dislike black, with the only exception being black jeans and heels (only some heel though). I just find black so boring and chunky. I dislike black so much that I only own 1 pair of black shoes that were gifted to me and I only kept them because they were so cute. I don’t have any black belts or bags. And as far a clothes themselves go I have one black shirt that I like because of the opaque fabric meaning it’s not so…. Black?

‘But black goes with everything!’ In my opinion so does navy and dark grey, plus these colours just add that little bit more interest to an outfit. Also black can cause so many people to look pale and washed out. Walking through town at rush hour, the pavements are literally a sea of black business suits. SO BORING! But the thing that annoys me the most is when people are wear the most stunning little floral dress that looks so elegant and then the go an through a big old black jacket on top. Why? Because black goes with everything. While it might not clash like red and green it certainly doesn’t go!

This is a blazer I picked up about a year ago at Porirua Save mart for $20.99 – again I will mention that Savemart is more expensive than your typical op-shop but it does have such an expansive range so it’s worth it, as long as you look in the cheaper stores first to see if you can’t find what you’re after. I love the colour of this blazer a nice dark grey that is still light enough for spring. Personally I prefer dark grey to navy, no particular reason just do so this was a great find. The cut of this is perfect for me, nice and fitted yet slightly less formal so I don’t look like a secretary. It lined in plain grey satin, which I think looks really nice rolled up. This Jacket is by KRISP which I have never heard of, it’s a UK brand, looked up the website doesn’t look that amazing, would be interested to see if any of you have?

Tips for buying Blazers:
Well these will sound very similar to coat buying tips. Oh well. Finding a blazer should be relatively easy as they tend to go in and out of fashion so a lot of people discard them to charity stores. 

  • Fit is extremely important.
  • Think about the look you’re going for – do you want formal and fitted, or slouchy boyfriend style?
  • SHOULDER PADS – beware.  


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    1. Same! Such an easy way to look that little bit more formal with out the effort.


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