Friday, 27 April 2012

Bag Lady?

Wearing beautifully put together clothes is all very well, but I am a strong believer that it’s the little thinks like bags and shoes that really make a person look stylish and put together.  

Op-shops generally have a great range of bags, of course there is expected amount of cheap tacky bags but there are a surprising amount of quality bags in most stores. In fact I would even go as far to say that a hand bag is the easiest QUALITY item to find, other garments like jeans and coats can be a little harder.

Real Leather. In my opinion there is nothing better. When I go shopping town I see countless bags that I love in cute styles and colours, but I HATE fake leather. That tacky brown plastic that rips and stains so easily, to be honest I don’t know why people would pay $30.00 for something that looks so tacky and won’t last when real leather is so easy to come by and so cheap!  Anyway I will stop boring you with my leather rant. 

Bag 1 - well this bag actually isn't from an op-shop.... but technically it is second hand, it was my mums and i stole it! Its about 15 Years old, real leather. the main part of the bag is a khaki green with brown leather detailing. Its beautifully lined in tartan - cute. with one zip pocket on the inside. 

Bag 2 - This bag is op-shop gold! I got it last week for $5.00 from the Newtown Vinnie's. its real leather in a dark chestnut colour, real leather for a that much is a bargain! Also on a more detailed inspection at home i realised that the bag is designer which is always a bonus and makes the extremly small price even more of a bargain. The designer is Etienne Aigner admittedly i have never herd of him but it turns out he is a European designer. But what i really love about this bag is the rectangular shape and colour. also i think the gold detailing is a nice contrast with the leather.

Bag 3 - this was the first op-shop bag i bought. its Real tan Leather, i got it from Te Aro Salvation army for $5.00.  the detailing on this bag is really nice, i also like the curved shape. And then there's that fact that i am quite partial to tan leather, so of course i like it. 

Bag 4 - This bag is from Christchurch Save-Mart for $8.00. Its a deep red snake skin look-a-like clutch with detachable chain strap in bronze. i really like the colour of this bag i'm not really in to black so that explains the abundance of brown leather bags! Also the fact that the clutch looks so old, i'm personally not  a fan of the newer modern looking clutches a lot of them look really cheap and poorly made.

Tips for hunting down a bag:

  • Make sure you check to see what the bag is made from - you don't want to pay for leather and get plastic, however you can usually tell. ultimately, if you like the look of what the bag is made form buy it!
  • Think about of you wear more brown or black when choosing a bag.
  • look on the inside to see if it has too many or not enough pockets for your liking.
  • Also look on the inside for spills and stains. 

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