Monday, 30 April 2012

A collection Nana would be proud of

Before you start getting all judgemental, no I didn’t go and steal a nanas wardrobe. I just happen to be really in love with cardigans. Their all soft and snuggly and surprisingly warm, I have a lot of woollen cardigans that I can wear in winter as well as a few cotton ones that can be worn in the warmer months.  I think what I really like about cardigans is the slouchy fit – well I personally buy them to fit like that because for me it looks better and fits in with my style of dressing better. Also the fact that they are so casual, it’s pretty much the same as wearing a woollen pull over - which is what i wear at night when i get home. Wearing a cardi is a really easy way of toning down an outfit, sometime when I look in the mirror i realize that i look really overdressed for just going to a friends, so they are a good wardrobe staple in the respect.

Charity stores are honestly the BEST place to find a cardigan, I have only ever bought one from a chain store and I no longer own it- not actually sure why I got it in the first place? I just find that op-shop ones are such a great style and fit plus they are amazing quality and last for years - i have had one of mine for nearly 3. Also I find it so annoying going in to a chain store and they are trying to charge you $60.00 for a piece of cotton to 'keep you warm' during winter, it just seems absurd, especially when you can buy a cosy woollen one for under $10?!

 Cardigans are another one of those items that there is an abundance of in op-shops; I really don’t need any more as you can see from above, but I still keep buying them! Their almost turning in to my guilty pleasure, I find myself trying to justify something that I obviously don’t need.

Cardi 1 - I got this duck egg blue Cardi form Vinnie's in Piction for $6.00. its a New Zealand Merino wool so its super warm and the fine wool means that it isn't itchy - yay. It fits me really well as it has nice tight sleeves, some cardigans can swarm smaller figures. 

Cardi 2- I got this from Porirua save mart for $6.00. I really like the plain cream strip i think it makes it that little bit more interesting. the neutral colours means it goes with anything. This Cardi is made form cotton so i normally only wear it in the warmer months. 

Cardi 3 - This Cardi is from Recycle boutique for $16.00 - recycle boutique is a second hand store not an op-shop hence the price. But  i have gotten so much wear out of it it was worth it, plus its 100% wool. I am in love with the colour, its bold with out being overpowering which i really like. 

Cardi 4 - I also got this from Recycle Boutique a few years after the red one for $17.00, i wear this all the time, the style is really flattering and the colour literally goes with everything. For me this is a wardrobe must have. Its a wool and nylon blend so its warm in winter but not too hot in spring which for me is really important as i think i would be lost with out this, i really do wear it with EVERYTHING. 

cardi 5- And finally, i got this one for $1.00 at a Vinnie's sale. Because i am not a fan of black i use this as a substitute. I also really like this as its so soft, but i'm not sure what its made of? plus its a slightly different style to my other cardigans, more fitted and not as chunky which is quite nice. 

Tips to buying cardigans
  • Think about where you want it to sit on you – I often find ones that are really long and would come to just above my knee and that’s not really a good look if you plan on wearing skirts and dresses with it.
  • Look in the men’s section
  • Choose a good colour – don’t buy the first one if you’re not so keen on the colour, you will find another one – Trust me, I would know.
  • Look at the care label to see what the material it – wool will keep you warmer. 

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  1. Love the cardigans! I'm a cardy lover myself but I tend to go for the little cropped ones or the 1950s type with pearl buttons. Am really enjoying your blog!


    born again creations


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