Sunday, 22 April 2012

Lace, Stripes and Frills

I thought that I would trawl through my ever growing wardrobe and pull out my best finds. First off I thought I would post my three most favourite tops.

So, the first top is from the Petone Red Cross shop, I bought this about a year ago? It cost me around $8.00. Its cotton knit material, which means it’s cool enough to wear in summer and can be layered in winter, so I can wear it all year round. But what I really love about this top is the asymmetric stripes and the super cute collar. I’m one of those annoying people who makes a point to be different and not follow the trends, not because I think that this will make me some kind of amazing 'Indie babe' but purely because I find it so annoying going in to town and seeing 10 girls all wearing the EXACT same outfit in varying shades! So for me I love this top because of its point of difference - it’s a rather strange material and cut, but it’s not too quirky that I look like some die hard fashion wanna-be. And to be honest there is no way that I would even consider myself fashionable, I like what I like - therefore I wear it. That’s it.

The second top is also from a Red Cross shop, this time the Newtown one – which is kind of bazar considering that I am not as fond of the red cross stores as they can be a little pricey. I have always loved lace and the patterns it creates, so when I stumbled across this for $6.00 I had to have it. The thing that I love most about this top is the high neckline and the lace design. Because lace is a transparent fabric it can look a little skanky if worn tight and low cut as well as being see through, having the high neckline makes it slightly more modest - slightly. In the past I have bought other lace tops with more delicate small designs, but I actually really like the larger design it moves it away from the generic lace that chain stores use repeatedly.

And finally the third top, a pretty frilly little number from none other than the Salvation Army for $6.00. This cute button up shirt is in a nice silky fabric that’s in matte - because no one wants to look like she’s out wearing nanas pyjamas. I am really not a pink fan, but I actually really quite like this shade... I was trying to think of a way to describe it: it’s sort of pink with a hint of grey?  Because that sounds really nice doesn’t it? * Sarcasm*
I am such a sucker for embellished collars, I have seen quite a few during my op-shop rounds but I have never been that compelled to buy one? Until I found this one. I just love everything about it – colour, cut, fabric. Also I think it has just the right amount of frill? Because again, I don’t really want to look like a doily.

I defiantly think that if you are going to take up second hand shopping shirts are a great place to start, there are so many hidden beauties, I always find myself making a mental note:  ‘ Now, Anna.. No matter how beautiful or cheap or original any shirt you find is – YOU DON’T NEED IT! Back away slowly….’ And what do I do? Go in and but two new shirts! So there really is an abundance. Personally I like to look for a great shape or fabric when looking for shirts – there are so many amazing 80’s printed shirts that I find are really easy to wear with a cute skirt or pair of skinny jeans. This is also a really easy way to start finding and wearing second hand items.

Final tips:
  • Sometimes a shirt that is a few sizes too big can still work with a belt or just baggy over leggings?
  • Make sure when trying on you roll up the sleeves, a lot of shirts sleeves may be too big and loose swamping your figure rolling the sleeves helps to avoid this.
  • Look in the men's section! I have found countless pieces of op-shop gold in the men's section, defiantly worth a look.

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