Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Op-shop Gold: Winter Coat

I literally had to look for years to find a winter coat that I liked and would be warm enough in windy Welly. First, I started out looking in chain stores, they had some really amazing coats. I was especially tempted by one coat last winter in Dotti until I tried it on; I have had jerseys thicker. In a freezing southerly it wouldn’t have stood a chance. It’s a personal annoyance of mine that chain stores feel that they can use a copied design, cheap fabric which is usually super thin and then whack a $100 price tag on. So typically I started religiously hunting through the coat racks in every op-shop I could.  And I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of quality coats you could find for a decent price.  My coat that is pictured above is from Porirua Savemart for $24.99. I think that this is probably the most expensive second hand item I have ever purchased.  However admittedly Savemart is defiantly a little more pricey than your typical op-shop but they have such range of clothes so I don’t mind paying extra.  

So I got my lovely new coat home and was showing my all-knowing mother which is when she informed me how lovely my coat actually was. I know that a lot of people set out to find vintage designer gems and are really not that fussed by all the other items in op-shops. I however am not one of them. If I like it I like it, designer or not. Still it was a nice surprise to know that my coat by the Australian designer CUE, that its woollen – so now I actually know that the coat actually will be warm instead of my usual ‘well it feels pretty warm. I’ll buy it!’ and finally the most exotic detail is that the fabric was imported from Italy – fancy.

Knowing all of this is a nice bonus and resulted in me feeling rather smug about my find, but even without all of those extra details I still love this coat! It’s so snuggly and a perfect fit on me. It’s beautifully lined in a deep purple and has really cute button detailing on the cuffs. I LOVE IT. Also, it turns out that $25.00 for a designer coat made of fancy Italian wool really isn’t half bad is it? 

When it comes to op-shop coats its actually pretty easy, i mean colours are pretty limited to the normal bunch of : Brown, grey, navy and black with a few others. The main things to look out for is the cut and fabric. Try and go for wool, most coats will be of high quality but just didn't fit the previous owner or it became too outdated for them so they had to give them up. An easy way to check is to look at the care label. Fit is probably the most important aspect of buying a coat - make sure you try it on! Also make sure you consider what you will be wearing underneath - you want it a little larger if you will be wearing thick tops underneath. That's pretty much it! but a word of warning it may take a while to find a nice coat because it really does have to fit well its not like shirts or jerseys that can be worn a little bigger for a different style, but its defiantly worth it!

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