Friday, 27 April 2012

St Vincent De Paul's AKA Vinnie's

Ahh… Vinnie’s, you really do have a special place in my heart. This is my all-time favourite op-shop (closely followed by Salvation Army). Vinnie’s is everything an op-shop should be: Clean, helpful staff, AMAZING clothes with such a range so you can have decent hunt around and cheap.. Very very cheap!

The other day while on trip down south I managed to stumble upon a store having a $1.00 SALE! And a very strange thing happened….. I only bought 2 things? Looking back I can’t believe it! I have no idea what happened? I mean for god sakes everything was $1.00, a pack of gum cost more! Typical. Sensible Anna comes out at the strangest of times.

Where to start? I have many a worthy purchase from Vinnie’s. Hmmm. Well typically, like many op-shops Vinnie’s has an amazing range of shirts so i will start with one of those: 

Black floral shirt – Picton Vinnie’s $6.00: of course what drew me to this was the fabric, black chiffon with cute little pastel flowers. I really like the way chiffon hangs and there seems to be a lot of it around in the op-shop world. Yay.

Lilac pull over jersey – Petone Vinnie’s $8.00: how could you not love this? I really love hoe the colour is so original, normally woolly jumpers are in darker more wintery tones but I think the lighter tone goes better with a dark coat? And over all it just really cute and snugly.

Khaki Green shirt - Petone Vinnie’s $6.00: I am in love with khaki. Not really sure why? Just am. I am a real fan of longer shirts that cut across the bum; I just think it’s a little more flattering? Also the fabric is quite thick, almost like denim so it will be a tad warmer in the winter months – always a bonus
Pale blue/green cardi – Picton Vinnie’s $6.00: again I really like this colour. But more importantly this is real New Zealand merino wool meaning that its super warm and amazing quality. In fact after buying this I realised that I know the brand, its super old school Te Kau. So that was a nice surprise considering their stuff costs $50.00+

Black chiffon shirt – Blenheim Vinnie’s $1.00 (YAY): what drew me to this was the really subtle stitched detailing on the shirt and the chiffon fabric. Also the cut and fit really suits me which is a bonus. I have always been a little apprehensive about wearing black I think it makes me look like I am going to a funeral? And it’s just so solid looking? But in the slightly transparent chiffon I think it works well.

So, in my opinion Vinnie’s is DEFINATLY worth a look. It’s such a bargain and they really do have a great range of clothes. Only thing is I am not sure if Vinnie’s is only an Australasian charity or worldwide? I suppose you could just Google it.


  1. Hi! Visiting you from your link in the Blogger forum. I have to ask... what does Op-Shopping mean? We don't have this term in Canada.

    1. Hi, Op-shopping is like thrift shopping? the 'op' part of the word stands for opportunity, so basically people donate their unwanted good to charity stores, like vinnies and the salvation army and then people such as myself go buy them. so basically its a form of second hand shopping. Hope this help?!


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