Saturday, 5 May 2012


So I thought I would do a brief summary of all the thrift/hand-me-down items I got this month (April). Because I had 2 weeks of at the start of April I had a little extra time to do some shopping, therefore I have probably a little more than usual. I added it up and all of this cost me a total of $51.50 – which is not too bad considering that there is a pair of designer handmade shoes, a designer bag, real gold earrings and 7 items of clothing included. My 2 favourite purchases of April are probably the pink shirt and brown leather bag: The bag is amazing quality and I have written about it so much lately but I really do love it! And the shirt is just really pretty and unlike any other shirt I own – and I own a lot of shirts so that’s saying something!

Because we are heading in to the colder months I did try to look out for warmer items and I did manage to get a nice new scarf and 2 Cardigans which will hopefully help fight off the cold. Hopefully.

And as you can see from the photos I did go a little crazy on the accessories, but I truly am a strong believer that stunning clothes are nothing without them. I think what I like most about accessories is the fact that you can reflect so much of yourself in them, because what you wear should really be a reflection of who you are.  Plus things can just look a little boring.

I bought a lot of this from Vinnie’s and Salvation Army, as well as a few other stores and everything was under $10.00 – in fact Vinnie’s had a $1.00 sale! 

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