Saturday, 19 May 2012

A good day out.

I just got back from one of the best op-shop trips ever! As you can see I managed to find quite a few things. Being the dedicated and debatably stupid op-shopper that I am, I woke up at 7.45 and headed out to the Hutt, which was actually really exciting as I stumbled upon three stores I had never been to before, so that was nice for a change. Then I headed back in to Wellington and met up with my friend Isla and started on the regular Kilbirne - Newtown op-shop route. For some strange and unknown reason some days are better for op-shopping than others. There have been days when I can’t find a single thing and others when I have to hold myself back - today was one of those days. I bought at least one thing from nearly every shop I went in to. But I won’t go in to too much detail about what I bought as I will do separate posts on them, otherwise this could get quite long..

Another point I want to make about op-shopping in general is that taking a friend is pretty much the most helpful thing ever. Obviously you have their lovely company, but it’s really helpful to get opinions on the clothes you like. So many times I have bought something, gotten home and realise I look like a total idiot, having a friend there reduces that risk. Plus you can make it in to a cute friend date. Completely out of the blue today Isla and I stumbled upon the coolest coffee shop, to be honest I don’t even drink coffee it just looked really interesting and it was freezing outside. Have to say, going into that coffee shop was such a good idea - amazing d├ęcor, really friendly barista who was obviously passionate about his coffee as he explained the beans origins and what not. But I have to say, from someone who doesn’t really drink coffee it was so good, none of that nasty burnt after taste that you sometimes get.  All in all I had a really good time, and I am still on my retail therapy high.

And finally, in total this cost $25.00. Not too bad if i do say so myself. 

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