Sunday, 6 May 2012

Jewellery - found, borrowed and stolen.

Today I thought I would do a quick post on all the jewellery I have got from op-shops and as hand-me-downs. Like bags, belts and scarves I love jewellery – accessories in general actually. Op-shop jewellery is amazing because quality jewellery can be so expensive. I find that in op-shops there are a lot of bangle stacks which I am quite fond of, as well as lots of brooches. There are also a BILLION plastic beaded necklaces, so if you into those?

Op-shops are quite smart about jewellery so don’t expect to go and find real diamond earrings for $10.00 – op-shop owners aren’t stupid. However you can find some really nice original pieces. Also as I am writing this I am realizing how much other jewellery I should have posted on here so I may have to do a second post. 

My finds:

Well in the very top photo is my green ring which is my best op-shop jewellery buy ever! It was $40.00 and is real silver and turquoise. Check out my other post specifically about it if you want to find out more. 

Then there is the chunky turquoise bangle from mum. It has a really pretty pattern on it which reminds me of Japanese art? It’s just a really nice colour and super easy to wear. I also picked up a thinner version for $1.00 from Rebound in Petone in a navy blue with a similar pattern. 

Next is a stack of silver bangles which are a mix of my mums and from op-shops. What I really love about them is that they’re not just plain silver bands but are detailed with all these intricate patterns which make them so much nicer in my opinion. 

My watch, I LOVE this. It was my Grans and she was given it for her 21st so it’s pretty old, like have to twist it up every day to make it work old. But is just so cute and small! I am personally not really a fan of super chunky sports watches; to me they just look tacky, so this one suits me perfectly. 

And finally this little fellow is a necklace pendant that I stole from my mother - but really what was the likelihood of her wearing it again? I just think he’s a pretty neat kinda guy, a bit quirky and different. Turns out he fits in nicely with my wardrobe which is always a bonus. 

As for jewellery tip just keep looking and looking and looking and I am sure you will eventually come across something, just a friendly word of warning it could take some time. So in the meanwhile i would recommend raiding a relative’s jewellery box. 

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