Tuesday, 29 May 2012

a NEW cardi to add to the collection

This is the final piece from my op-shop trip the other week. It’s just a really simple khaki green cardi. If I am being honest I probably didn’t need it, but for $5.00 I couldn’t leave it behind. But I can completely justify the purchase; I needed a cardi in a darker shade, it’s longer than my typical cardis and its super-duper warm for winter. Plus, if you haven’t already realised I am obsessed with this colour.

I picked this up in the Hutt Salvation Army store which was a really great store and I ended up finding a tonne of stuff, will definitely have to take a trip back up there. I’m really pleased with this purchase. I am such a fan of slouchy cardigans, they are just so easy to wear, comfortable and I think they are really warm, especially when they are woollen. I have developed a pretty large collection of cardigans, and I’m always telling myself, ok that’s the last one, but I know it’s not. I have had my eye out for a patterned one for soooo long. Maybe when I finally find one my collection will complete. Doubt it.

This cardigan in particular is a really strange knit, I think its wool but it’s been knitted so finely that it looks like jumper material. But it’s really warm and longer than my usual cardigans which is nice for a change, and to mix it up a bit. Really pushing the boundaries with my change in cardigan style. (sarcasm)

Also I think this cardigan is a prime example of how rolling sleeves can look really good and make something fit so much better. Sometimes I try things on and the sleeves are either way too short or long, so rolling them helps with this problem. I actually think it looks nice. 


  1. Oh you're a Wellington opshopaholic! I'm from Welly myself but now I live an hour out of Sydney. I'm coming home on Thursday and I have a few hours set aside for op shopping with my sister in my old home town. Can't wait. Any op shops that we should hit? Any to avoid?


    born again creations

    1. I am personally quite fond of the Newtown – Miramar op-shop route. I think there are about 9 shops in total? I normally start off in Newtown; there is a Vinnie’s, Salvation Army, Opportunity for animals and Red Cross shop there. Over the hill in Kilbirne there is also a Salvation Army, Opportunity for animals and Red Cross store. And finally in Miramar there is another salvation army and Vinnie’s.
      I find that there is a lot of great stuff in the Kilbirne Salvation Army, and the staff are super friendly. Vinnie’s and Opportunity for animals are great for finding bargains – everything is dirt cheap. The Red Cross stores can be a little over priced but the stores are always beautifully clean.
      If you’re around on Saturday there is a great vintage market on upper Cuba Street in the fringe bar. Also on cube is Paper bag princess – A cute little op-shop where all garments are under $20.00.
      Hope this was helpful.


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