Monday, 7 May 2012

New Shoes

Last weekend I was op-shopping and ended up finding so many amazing things, it was that typical scenario when you find all these amazing clothes but have hardly any money. Typical and so annoying!  

Anyway I happened to come across a vintage market on Cuba street, which I have seen before but never gone in to, but they had so many really really nice things, but because it was a ‘vintage market’ in the middle of town it was a lot pricier than an op-shop, but that was to be expected. Now that I am thinking about it the pricing system was strange – I bought the shoes shown above for $35.00 and a dress for my year 12 ball (meaning that its relatively fancy and good quality) for only $25.00 not that I am complaining – it was a bargain. It just seemed strange to me and I would have paid waaaay more for it. Oh well, their loss.

I actually have a very limited wardrobe when it comes to shoes so I am always on the lookout for new ones, then again I think even if I had hundreds of shoes I would still look to buy more? Shoes are one of those annoying things that you can’t make yourself and there are no short cuts – pretty much you have to pay a decent amount to get good shoes. So that’s when op-shopping comes in useful. Quite often I see pairs of shoes with the tags still on or have hardly been worn. Second hand shoes can be a bit yuck, so when I am shopping I look to see how worn the shoe is, if it smells or looks nasty, also I think about who would of worn in last – e.g. buying sports shoes that looks like an old man has worn – NO, buying a pair of heels that are hardly worn, and good quality – yes, chances are they just didn’t fit well or something similar. Also when I get home I chuck a whole lot of baking soda and other things in the shoes to get rid of anything that may have been in them.

These shoes cost me $35.00, they’re real leather and to me they look like quality shoes. I really like the red-ish leather that the shoes are made of, it’s a nice change from plain brown or tan.  Over all I think that these shoes are just really cute and have so many nice little details, like the tips of the laces are leather and the patterned edging on the shoe – it just makes them a little more original. And I don’t have to worry about everyone else having the same shoes as me because they are defiantly a one off.  I will mostly wear these with skirts and dresses, layered for the winter time with socks and tights. But I can’t really see them going well with jeans?

I think that buying shoes second hand you have to be a little more careful, look at them more closely before you buy. But if they are:
  • Good quality
  • Smell fine
  • Fit well
  • Don’t have much damage or wear

 Then I personally don’t think that there is anything wrong with buying shoes, of course not all shoes are like that and you have to be careful! Also buying heels and sandals better than sports shoes or something similar as sweat and things build up more- however you could check if you could put them in a washing machine – solves all your issues. 


  1. Replies
    1. I think i am in love. I couldn't believe it when i found these. I can tell already that i am going to wear them to death. YAY <3


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