Friday, 25 May 2012

New Winter Woollies

Last weekend I got a bit scarf happy. I think that it was largely to do with the fact that it felt like sub-zero temperatures... 

I only bought 2 new scarves, and that might not seem like many, but when you already have 10 lying around at home it does start to become a bit obsessive… In the winter months I can hardly leave the house without a scarf, firstly because I would die of cold and secondly because I just think that they complete an outfit and they're so simple to wear, especially if you have a variety of colours.

The first purchase was the grey/blue scarf which I got from Opportunity for Animals, which I have to say have a great selection of scarves for only $1.00; you can't even buy a lemonade ice block for that much these days.  Admittedly I was looking for a charcoal grey scarf, but typically when you look for something in particular you can never find it. I thought this one was a close second. This colour – which is extremely hard to describe - will fit in nicely with the rest of my wardrobe without being too boring or too overbearing. It was definitely more of a wardrobe staples buy than a statement piece. Still, you can never go wrong with a chunky knit.  

The second scarf (which I am in love with!) cost $6.00 from The Salvation Army. What I love about this one is the pattern and also the fact that it’s muted tones of tan and grey so that it easily fits in with the rest of my wardrobe. I also really like the tassels on this scarf, which are nice and fine – almost like fringing, which is a nice change from the chunky ones that you normally find on scarves. To be honest I can’t believe anyone gave this to a charity shop! It’s so soft and snuggly, perfect for enduring a Wellington winter with. 

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