Sunday, 27 May 2012

Rainbow Wardrobe

Just a super quick post showing my nicely ordered rainbow wardrobe thanks to Paula. When my friends come over they put my clothes in to colour order. This must be a pretty good indication of how boring my house is! Such a social life I lead.

Looking at this now I am actually slightly alarmed at how rapidly my wardrobe is growing… I have always bought a lot of clothes from op-shops but I usually give away a lot, however now I am getting pretty good at this op-shopping thing, meaning I am now only adding and not taking away... I think I might have to consider getting some more storage space.

Also, I know it looks like I have a lot of black, but most of it is actually navy - By the way this will have no real meaning to you unless you read my blog.


  1. I seriously need to organise my wardrobe like this!!

    1. Normally I am more one for ordered chaos in my wardrobe with everything all mixed up, but this actually looks really good, especially as I have no doors on my wardrobe at the moment!


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