Thursday, 3 May 2012

Scarves & Hand-me-downs

This post has been inspired by my realization that where i am, winter is well and truly on its way and has sent a cold snap to remind me - which i have to say i am well and truly over.  However one positive i am taking from this is that i now get to rug up in all my new coats and scarves i have purchased! 

When its really freezing i can hardly leave the house without a scarf, firstly for the practical reason that i will most probably freeze to death without one and secondly because they are such a nice burst of colour in winter when so many people are wearing dark and drab colours. And then there's always the fact that they just make me feel all snugly and rugged up. 

Luckily for me there is usually a large selection of winter woollies to choose from in op-shops. My personal favorites to buy are thick woolly scarves that i honestly would be lost without in winter and the stunning silk patterned ones that have a sort of vintage feel to them. But if i am being honest haven't bought many silk scarves because i do struggle to find one of a cut that i like. A lot of silk scarves come in squares of material that i find quite hard to wear, as i prefer to wrap a scarf around my neck rather than tie it. But there are some really amazingly patterned ones out there so i may have to start hunting a little harder.

Scarf 1 - I got this from Save-mart for  $5.00 about a year ago. The scarf is a really nice oatmeal sort of colour in a relatively chunky knit - in my opinion there is nothing worse than going to try on a scarf and it ends up looking like a piece of string around your neck. I wear this all the time as the neutral colour goes with nearly everything.

scarf 2 - This also came from Save-mart and again it was $5.00. It’s a mustard colour Pashmina striped with chocolate brown which sounds like an awful colour combination but in real life its actually quite nice - well i like it anyway? And because it’s a Pashmina it means that its supposedly made from cashmere wool, and it feels like wool but I’m not sure if it’s plain wool or cashmere. Not that it really bothers me - just a point i thought i would make.

Scarf 3 - Again another thing that has come up that isn't actually from a second hand store but a hand-me-down. I got this from my great Grandmother last year as she no longer wore it as well as a few other thing. and i love it! I would love to be able to raid her wardrobe as i know she has so many other lovely old trinkets such as bags, belt and scarves but because she turned 89 the other day perhaps that could be considered rude. But i thought i would bring up that point: Don't forget your mums, nanas, aunties as they probably all have a hidden stash of items from previouse generations that you might want to have a look at. My grandma gave me this beautiful little watch, that she was given for her 21st birthday that she can no longer use as she cant read the numbers, and a friend of mine was given a stunning pair of Ray-bans her Mum had in the 80's.  So i would definitely recommend a wardrobe raid. 

Scarf 4 - And finally this is just another typical chunky knit scarf in a red-ish orange colour that i got for $2.00 from Opportunity for Animals. I really love the tassels on this scarf. They are a bit longer than the usual ones on scarves, but i quite like them. And of course the bright colour is refreshing in winter amongst all the darker colours.

  • check that you like the length of the scarf for how you intend to wear it.
  • check for stains as you cant always see them at first glance.
  • Try to look for wool or other quality fabrics.
  • when getting silk scarves consider if you will wear the pattern and what with? some may be too busy.  
  • And finally i wouldn't expect to pay more that $10.00 on a good quality scarf ($10 NZD)


  1. Pashmina is a variety of cashmere from high up on the Himalayas. It's very fine, more so than cashmere, so it's normally mixed with some silk to make it stronger, but the more pashmina there is, the better the fabric.

    1. Thanks,I now feel so much more knowledgeable :)I should work on my Google skills so i can find out these things for myself.


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