Thursday, 24 May 2012

Over sized blazer

This oversized blazer is another one of my finds from last weekend’s op-shopping trip. Because it’s well and truly heading in to winter now where I am, I have been drawn to all things warm and cosy – meaning that I am buying faaar to many scarves, cardigans and blazers, although I have limited myself to only buying one blazer  – this being it, because I don’t find that I wear my existing blazer all that often. Still, I love my new one and will definitely be wearing it as the months get colder.

I picked this up in the Newtown Opportunity for Animals store for $7.00. It was my last purchase of the day and I nearly didn’t get it – I was looking through all the blazers and picked this out but put it back thinking I didn’t really need it. I then went and tried on another coat which I returned to the rack and picked this out again. So glad I did. I have had a real obsession with this colour at the moment. However I’m not really sure what to call it… brick red? Terracotta? Rust? Oh well. I also really love the loose oversized fit of this, I prefer my blazers a few sizes too big so they look more casual, not like I’m a try hard office worker.  Another detail about this is that its designer by Daniel Hechter so it’s obviously a quality buy from what I can see on the website.

Overall I pretty much love everything about this blazer, especially the colour, it’s so nice in winter to have something that’s not dark, as I tend to wear dark tights and jeans all the time and it can get so boring!

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