Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Wardrobe Stats

So I thought it was about time I figured out how much of my wardrobe is actually made up of Op-shopped items. Out of the 48 items hanging in my wardrobe, 37 are from op-shops or hand-me-downs (to be honest I don't seem to acquire many hand-me-downs, maybe because of my height?) Sorry that the photos aren't that clear, I have hardly enough room in my wardrobe for my clothes let alone to put a huge gap in the middle of them. 

I actually think I am addicted to op-shopping, every weekend when I get the chance I spend my time trawling through the shops and that's probably why I have found so many clothes, you really do have to go regularly, meaning that you get practice  picking out things that you like and suit you – yes, I am serious when I say you need practice, so often I go op-shopping with friends and they complain about not being able to find anything while I’m stacking clothes in to a trolley. Also by going regularly it means you get to know what shops have the best prices and stock. For some reason some op-shops just have better clothes for no apparent reason, they just do?

Normally after a shopping spree it’s common to feel sort of guilty for spending soooo much, but the beauty of op-shopping is you can literally buy 10 things for under $50.00 and its helping the environment! That’s right, its Eco friendly instead of buying clothes made by some poor little slave child, and having the clothes flown to the stores and blah blah blah greenhouse gases, your simply recycling. No buyer regret here. Yay. 

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