Monday, 14 May 2012

A Weekends Efforts: New Clothes

Ahh the infamous weekend shopping trip I keep on wittering on about. Well I thought it was about time I did a post on it. Last Saturday I was out for only 2 hours and of those 2 hours I probably only spent 30mins in Op-shops but I still managed to find all of this. Some of the things I bought are pretty basic but I still really love them, and as much as I would love to, it pretty hard to construct a wardrobe on statement pieces alone
The two tops are from the Salvation Army store, I got them for $8.00 each. The shoes and Dress were from a market in the centre of town, therefore costing a little more: Dress - $25.00, Shoes $35.00. Personally I think they were well worth it. At first I thought $35.00 for shoes was a little pricey, but the shoes are leather – and well, they are just really cute…The Dress is vintage, and so beautifully made, with so many little details. For me that’s what sets vintage apart from clothes now days which can be such poor quality: Loose threads, tacky embellishments, poor fitting – the list goes on. I won’t go on about these too much as they already have their own individual post which you have a look at if you’re interested.

Rust Shirt – Typically what drew me to this was the strange detailing on the front of the shirt, I think it look really interesting and I really love the colour but admittedly I’m not so sure about this one? It might just be a little too weird? Still it’s worth a try and hopefully I will find something to wear it with – it’s so original, I can safely say I have never seen anything like it. Also a nice little added extra was that it had never been worn, it still had the tag on and originally cost $70.00 – which is a crazy price if you ask me.

Navy T-shirt – Basically this is a loose fitting t-shit with a little more detail than your typical t-shirt. I really like this top; it falls really nicely and is so comfortable. I have been on the lookout for tops other than button up shirts which I seem to be forever buying. Because it’s a basic block colour it works really well with pattern skirts which I also seem to be constantly wearing – defiantly a worthy buy. 


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    1. Thanks, I had no idea i didn't have a follow button - its fair to say i am pretty new at this as you can probably tell! I will definitely be checking out your blog, i'm a bit obsessed with anything op-shop related :)


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