Saturday, 9 June 2012

New patterned Blazer

Lately I have gone a bit blazer crazy. I think its possibly to do with the fact that it’s got so damn cold here and there are so many amazing blazers in op-shops.  This is one of three blazers that I found last week in Opportunity for Animals, although I limited myself to only buying two of them – I was quite proud of my self-restraint. This one cost $8.00.

This blazer will be perfect for the winter months ahead as its 100% wool, so it’s nice and snuggly. On the label it says that this is a size 10, but I think it’s in men’s sizes? On me it has a more oversized boyfriend, which I actually prefer as it’s more casual and slouchy. The detailing on this blazer is stunning. I love the blue lining on the inside of this blazer. I am  one of those people who always folds the cuffs of blazers, especially if they have nice linings, otherwise you never get to see it and that just seems like a waste.

As well as the lining I also love the buttons on this blazer. They are a metal set in plastic that has been made to look like wood. They have little stars on them – not cute stars but more military looking. The edging is rope detailing and there is text round the outside saying ‘Great seal of the state of Oklanola – 1907’. Not sure what that is supposed to mean, they just look really cool. And because it’s a double breasted blazer, it means there are four of them!

Of course, what drew me to this blazer was the pattern. It is quite over whelming, and I wasn’t sure If I would be able to find anything to wear it with. But I bought it anyway, I just couldn’t leave it behind. I have decided that it actually looks quite nice with my white lace top and a plain black skirt. While op-shopping I often see a lot of blazers in a similar sort of fabric, but a lot of them are in colours that don’t work so well together. What I like about this one is the muted colour pallet, and that a cream colour has been used as a base so it doesn’t clash too much.  


  1. That blazer is gorgeous! Such a bargain too x

  2. oh wow, that is a beautiful find!


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