Monday, 2 July 2012

All Rugged up.

I am always really excited for the first week of winter so I can rug up, do some serious layering and start wearing all the clothes I couldn’t wear over summer again. After a week I have had enough and I am ready to go back to shorts and dresses! But because I am not made of money there will be no flying off to some tropical island for me!

This is what I wore out today while op-shopping. Originally I left the house with just a skirt and woolly jumper on. As soon as I stepped on to the street I decided I better go and get a jacket before I die of cold. Both the jumper and jacket are from 2 Saturdays ago. I picked them up in Opportunity for animals, the jumper was $5.00 and the jacket was $7.00. The jumper which I really love but nearly didn’t buy, I couldn’t be bothered to try it on as I am extremely lazy and it was cold, but I mustered up the energy and I am so glad I did. Unless you you’re a New Zealander this will have no meaning to you but this is vintage Glasson. How weird id that? It’s the second thing ever of theirs I have found in an op-shop that is this old! I love that it’s super old because it means it’s made in NZ out of actual wool! Nowadays it’s all shipped off to china and uses synthetic materials. Lame.

I will admit the jacket isn’t that fashionable or even that flattering. But it is warm and that’s good enough for me. Plus it’s practical. It has a fold away hood, which I have no doubt will come in use seeing as I love in wellington which has bipolar weather. Leave the house and it’s sunny, half an hour later you’re in the middle of a storm. Great.

Please excuse the awful facials in the photos.. There is nothing i can say to justify them so i wont even bother.  


  1. you have fabulous style, an amazing bedroom (I assume that it's your bedroom) and a very pretty face! (I never know what to do with my face in photos, apart from look really awkward of course!)

  2. I'm also really excited when it's winter, I love layering clothes. You look very pretty.
    Thank you for your comment. I know what you mean, I also don't really like out focused photos, but I sometimes find it so difficult to work out the focus on my sunday portrait photos, as I can't see my self, and I always end up with 150photos and most are slightly out of foucus. x

  3. Great outfit! I'm a huge fan of your jacket, I'm after one myself except in a navy or khaki.

    Also thanks for visiting my blog! :)

  4. lovely outfit!! x

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  5. I actually think the jacket is rather sweet.
    You definitely look cosy (:

  6. Love the jumper, I adore knitwear!

  7. Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog :)
    How do you manage to find all these amazing clothes :O whenever I go opshopping I only really manage to find like one top or jersey. In fact most of my opshop finds are big woolen jerseys :/ Maybe I should have a more open mind haha
    Fee Xx
    P.s Im a new follower :) your blog is amazing

  8. Nice sweater!


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