Wednesday, 18 July 2012

OUTFIT POST - Denim Jacket

Things have gotten a bit hectic lately with all the homework I neglected during my 2 week break coming round to bite me in the bum. My first week back has turned out to be much more stressful than the last week of term. Can’t say I have ever had that happen before? On a brighter note things look as if they are calming down, so hopefully I will be able to get back in to the rhythm of blogging.

This is just a super quick post on an outfit I wore last weekend. I managed to incorporate my new denim jacket in to the outfit. I picked up a few days ago, during one of my many trips to the Salvation Army store! I had been looking for a denim jacket for a while when I came across this one. My last one I didn’t really like, it was too new looking – I prefer my denim jackets to be a bit beat up and rough looking. I love how this one looks really worn and is faded in areas. It was a little pricey being $12.00 but the Store I have been going to lately is in the centre of town so they bump up the prices which is a tad annoying. Although I do really like this jacket I am still on the lookout for the illusive perfect denim jacket. This one has a few too many details for my liking. But for $12.00 I thought why not? It’s still a piece I really like and have needed in my wardrobe for a while. Do you have any pieces like that? Something you can’t quite the perfect version of? I know lots of people have issues with jeans? Maybe it something about denim?

You probably can’t see but I am also wearing my new silver bracelet that I stumbled upon at the same time as the jacket. It’s turned out to be one of those pieces that I am wearing all the time! It’s so simple but I really love the quirky detailing. Plus the silver literally goes with anything. Totally worth the whole $3.00! (Being the slack blogger I am didn’t get any photos of the bracelet, to see the post on it/photos click HERE.)


  1. I really like this outfits and the denim jacket? Perfect! Have a nice day^^

  2. Lovely outfit :) xx

  3. The outfit looks great, I actually really like the denim jacket because I don't think it looks overly fussy and the shorter length sleeves are a nice detail.

    I struggle with finding the perfect pair of jeans without a huge price tag and currently looking for a pair of used DM boots!

    L x

  4. Hello!

    Thanks for your lovely comment :)
    Really like the idea behind your blog - I could learn a few tricks as I am terrible at Vintage shopping.

    Hollie X

  5. I love the eyelet detail on that blouse!! It looks gorgeous and so versatile :)


  6. I love the jacket with the cream top!

    Shubhi's Revels!

  7. Loving this complete outfit! You're so darn pretty!
    Georgia X

  8. such a cute skirt! I'm really liking the print on it. good luck with school too <3

  9. Hi,

    Love your outfit, great to see you in your posts now too :) I've nominated you for an Inspirational Blogger award, check out my blog for the details:
    born again creations


  10. Lovely outfit! The jacket is cool and casual and your top and skirt are really pretty :) I have lots of clothes that are only approximations of my imagined "perfect" version of them, sadly I think that's usually the way shopping goes!

  11. I bought a cropped denim jacket my freshman year in college and to this day, I still pair it with so many different outfits!

  12. Can't go wrong with a great denim jacket, love this one!

    Be Frassy

  13. I find on your blog basic ideas and well achieved.

  14. i definitely have things in my wardrobe that i just can't get right as well, but good find with the denim jacket!

  15. I love the outfit! The denim jacket makes it look so much cuter, too! Definitely something I would wear :)
    - Rhiannon


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