Friday, 27 July 2012


These shoes are my life. Sad, I know, but I honestly love them. They are not the most glamorous or stylish of shoes, I just really like them. They go with nearly anything and are so comfy. I picked these shoes up from Savemart in Christchurch nearly 2 years ago and they are still going strong. They cost me $9.00 – a very wise investment if I do say so myself. I would describe these shoes as halfway between a loafer and a ballet flat. What I love most about these shoes is that I can wear them with anything: jeans, tights, skirts. You name it I have worn it with them. In fact, one of my personal favourites is tights, socks and these shoes. It sounds kinda weird, but I like the look. Plus it keeps my feet extra toastie in winter.

You may have noticed that these shoes are starting to look a bit haggard. Meaning you're probably thinking, ew, opshop shoes. But let me reassure you, the wear is from me. As I mentioned, I have had these nearly 2 years. In my opinion they have done pretty darn well.

Another reason why I am in love with these is the colour. I love pewter. I find silver shoes generally look really tacky, I would probably go as far to say that I doubt I would have bought these if they were silver. Another little detail is the snake skin look-a-like pattern on the front and back of the shoe. It’s just a nice little detail that adds personality to the shoes, something which I am quite fond of.

At the moment I am dying to find a pair of brown leather flats. Hopefully I can sneak out this weekend and look for a pair. Chances are I will be swamped with homework. Oh, the joy.


  1. Thank you so much for such a nice comment!Yeah, those shoes are like, perfect!

  2. Hello Anna!
    Thanks for you lovely comment at my blog!

  3. Ugh savemart is d bomb
    Awesome shoes! Good luck with the hunting for the next pair

  4. Ahhh these are so cute and endearing! My favourite shoes are my most comfiest shoes and these look so versatile, you can pretty much wear them with anything! Shame they were a thrift find...I want a pair myself!

    Gemma x

  5. I think the shoes that you can wear for two years and still be in love with are the most amazing shoes! They look awesome, btw. Plus, always on trend - i would wear them with a pencil skirt and a graphic T. But as you mentioned, they can go with anything and look fabulous, bc of their pattern and color. Great investment! And thank you very much for a kind comment on my blog. Stay in touch) xo

  6. Those shoes are so cute, I love them!

    Vicky xo

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  8. I really love these (-: I used to hate buying used shoes..but now that's all I own....haha

  9. these are super-cute! xx


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