Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Belt Up

If your thinking of starting to opshop then a really great place to start is with belts. In retail stores the can be so expensive for poor quality products. I find that in opshops you can pick up beautiful leather belts for a couple of dollars which is such a steal! 
Belt 1 – I picked this one up in Vinnie’s for $2.00. Its a really lovely dark glossy brown with reptile skin pattern.  I wear this at my waist with skirts or dresses. The simplicity means that it goes with pretty much everything so it was a great buy for such a tiny price.

Belt 2 - I LOVE this belt, another hand me down form mum. This belt  satisfies my love for khaki I have at the moment. But what I  love most is the buckle detailing, the chestnut brown leather with gold metal embellishments AND tiny Mallard ducks stitched on is so cute and just really original . 

Belt 3 - This belt was a hand-me-down from my mum, its real tan leather, I really love the buckle and how it looks so aged - I think it gives it  character. Also the layered leather looks really nice, its something different and I haven't seen anything like it anywhere.

Belt 4 - This belt was $2.00 from a Christchurch Save-mart. It fits me really well and I also love the colours, its so different from any other belt I own which is nice for a change. I also think its a  super easy way to add colour and interest to a more subtle outfit. 

Belt 5 - I had been looking for a thin belt for ages, so when I saw that I had to have it, and from memory I think it was $4.00. Normally I just wear this with dresses and thing like that, the light colour means that it works in well with both lighter and darker garments.
Tips for finding belts:

  • Look in the woman’s and men’s sections
  • TRY IT ON!
  • If it’s too small or big get a drill and add more holes, I quite often do this.
  • Look for real leather if you can. 


  1. I love the 3rd and 4th belt the most, but these are all really great finds ^__^

  2. That duck detail belt is adorable! And I love the fact that they are either thrifted or hand me downs, a girl after my own heart.

  3. I absolutely love the second belt and the fourth one - so gorgeous! x

  4. Wow, those are some really great finds, I never seem to see any belts as nice as those in my local second hand stores! By the way, thank you for your very kind comment on my blog, I really like what I've seen of yours, so I'm following now! :) xx

  5. I hate the plastic belts for sale in most shops nowadays, they just look so cheap. You can't beat a beaten-up leather belt!

    I adore the third, that's basically my dream belt.

  6. I must to be honest: I never give much attention to the belts! But this post conviced me to change my mind!
    I've been away for few days, now I'm going to read your last posts because they are always very nice.

  7. Awesome belts!! and awesome prices! This makes me want to go thrifting, haven't gone for awhile. thank you for the comment on my blog also :)


  8. Wow, all the belts are great! For this winter I am still looking for a black cowboy-like waist belt, I guess I should visit my thrift store soon :) xx

  9. Loving the belts hun! thanks so much for the lovely comment you left. I adore thrift shopping too; well charity shopping as we call it here in the UK. I always buy my belts in charity shops you can find some amazing ones!
    XO Amie

  10. I tagged you in my most recent post, go check it out:

  11. I know, right?! Belts are so expensive! I like the 3rd one.

    1. ooo, great !
      nice photo!

      kisses from Poland ;-*
      if u want follow me and write comment ;*

  12. I love belts, even when I don't need to wear one to keep my outfit up, I like to wear them as they can change the way an outfit looks for the better. These ones are super...thanks for visiting my blog doll...I hope you come again & wish you a fabulous weekend :))) xx

  13. Lovely belts! If you get a second, I'd love to hear your thoughts about my latest shopping :)


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