Monday, 27 August 2012

NEW BAG + outfit

Yesterday I picked up yet another new bag! But for $1.00 I could hardly say no! Plus this bag is a handy size as most of mine are relatively small so I can’t fit much in them which can be a bit of a problem.  At first I thought the bag was leather which would have been a real score for such a low price but I am now pretty sure its vinyl – normally I hate fake leather, the stuff you see in retail stores looks like plastic and for me just doesn’t cut it. However on this particular bag the leather is all worn and battered so I’m not that bothered.

Not only is this bag bigger than my usual size but it also has a super wide gusset which makes it perfect for a book bag as I can stack them all up. Then again just in general it’s handy to have a bag that you can place items flat in.

As for the outfit, in case you don’t know, I live in New Zealand which in the southern hemisphere so we are starting to come in to spring. YAY! Therefore my outfits will be getting a little more summery. I have just rediscovered this dress (worn as a skirt) and I am in love all over again. I got it from supre of all places years ago! They lace top is just my usual one $4 from a red cross store and the denim vest is my own creation, I had a go a D.I.Y and un-picked the sleeves I actually did this a while ago but never wore it but now after trying it on again I am warming to it. 



  1. Wow you room is so interesting :p I love it!

    xx Olivia

  2. That bag is gorgeous and I love your denim waistcoat! x

  3. Thanks for your sweet comment! I like your blog. Maybe can follow each other if you want?

    Love, joyce

  4. ooooh, i like that bag! it's a good size :) be careful i might steal it for school hehe :P - Paula

    1. I checked and it fits my school books perfectly !

  5. Such a gorgeous bag, especially for that price! It matches your outfit really well!

    XO, Imke

  6. Everyone should have a simple and cute black bag like this!

  7. Lovely bargain bag !

  8. Great bargain and i lace your lace top :)

  9. Hi Anna,

    I can't say how much I love vintage handbags.

    I have so many that I can't even remeber - mostly given to me by a friend or handed down from a grandma or aunt...see my post here {}

    So amazing to see someone else loving them :)

    <3 Elisa

  10. What an awesome roomy bag! And I love your denim vest as well, i can imagine it would go with so many things and pretty much make any outfit cool =)

    Anna @ FEED ME NANA xoxo

  11. What a rad find! And I'm digging that vest, I totally neeeeed one! I just did a blogpost with my latest thrifted finds, and some handmade embroidery I've been doing. Stop by and have a look!


  12. Wow I love that bag, I love finding an ultimate gem at a bargain price xx


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