Sunday, 30 September 2012

OCTOBER - already?

How crazy is it that it’s October already?! I only have 3 weeks of school left of this year! Is it just me or has this year gone super fast!! Also -  What they hell? Yesterday I was in a shop and they had Christmas decorations up?! I love Christmas as much as the next person but seriously? ITS SEPTEMBER – well it was when I was in the store.

Today’s post is just the typical monthly inspiration post. For those of you who don’t know last week I experienced pretty much the worst art block ever! This was really inconvenient seeing as I am finishing up my design folio. So I have been on pinterest a lot looking for inspiration.  Which I found in bucket loads!

For a little extra inspiration I would highly recommend these two sites:

YouTube channel - A British Muse : Seriously addicted to this lovely channel! Check out her awesome room tour and beautiful hauls.
Tumblr –  My Propeller : Not actually a fan of tumblr but… If you love cats this is worth a look! Even if you don’t like cats there is some really great stuff on here.

Hope you had a lovely first day of October!
Anna xx 


Staying true to a typical spring day in Wellington, the weather has been super windy today! It was really until I started this blog that's realized how much the weather actually dictates what I wear? Obviously I have always known it does - i'm not going to wear a sun dress in the middle of winter. But today I chose to wear this particular skirt as it won't blow up in the wind, I wore the jacket because it looked like it may rain. I unconsciously put a lot of weather related effort in to my outfits. I didn't even realize.

This is going to make me sound do cheap but I was thinking how expensive this outfit was compared to my usual. The shoes were $30 and the jacket $16. Still I love them to pieces!! I would have paid even more for both! And the tshirt makes up for it being only $1.60 - yay for sales !!

For those of you who are regular readers you might notice I have changed where I take my blog photos, what do you think ??

Anna xx

Saturday, 29 September 2012


I think we are now coming into the fourth week of spring? Finally the weather has started to clear and we a getting some warm sunny days! For those of you who don’t know, today is the start of my 2 week break from school which I am so excited about - I will actually be able to start enjoying the weather instead of being in class.

This morning I woke up abnormally early – 8.30 and decided that I would move my room around and do a bit of spring cleaning. I personally am really nosey and think that all bloggers/you tubers should do a room tour because I really like seeing that kinda thing (is that creepy?) So I thought I would do an updated post on my room especially as so many of you were really interested last time I did this kinda post.

If you want to know a little bit more about my room, check out the last post I did on it. There was no real point in repeating myself but if you haven’t already seen it heres the LINK.


Thursday, 27 September 2012

PAINTINGS - Some work from an old folio

I thought I would do a quick post today on some work I was doing a couple of months ago when I was studying painting. These were assessed as an internal so I didn’t get much time to work on them so some are not as good as I would of liked but I still managed to get top marks so it no biggie. 

These were inspired by Wayne Thiebaud and Emily von Wolfen. Thiebaud was inspired by the crazy street-scapes of San Fran, which is often said to be like wellington where I live so it seemed like a good way to find inspiration. 

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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

OUTFIT - Bipolar Weather

Spring is a pretty crazy time in New Zealand when it comes to weather – Especially in Wellington. Apparently we are the windiest capital city in the world! Therefore it can get pretty tricky trying to coordinate outfits. The other day I left my house and it was all blue skies and sunshine by the afternoon there was hail – honestly how am I supposed to keep up with that? This outfit has become a bit of a favorite when it comes to uncertain weather. The jersey on top is warm enough to keep away the cold and the skirt is better for warmer weather plus its easy add tights to for extra warmth.

Is anyone else suffering from bi-polar weather where they live?
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Anna xx

Tuesday, 25 September 2012


I have long been considering if I should get in to the whole Facebook/Twitter thing when it comes to my blog.  I put it off for ages but after a bit of encouragement last night I decided I would start to use twitter more - I have had a twitter account for ages but i didn't know how to use it!  So i am starting to brush up on my computer skills!

I would love for you to follow so hit the link and check it out, thanks !

My twitter page

WHAT I'VE BEEN UP TO - art update/depression

Today I thought I would update you all on how my arts going. This year at school I am in Year 12, the second to last year of school. EVER! In relation to art this means I had to decide if I wanted to do painting or design. I personally prefer to paint but as more of a career choice I went with design. (Please don’t judge my stuff to harshly I have only been doing design for half a year! And these are the originals not the polished computer versions.)

At the moment I am working on a design portfolio – EXTREMLY STRESSFUL! As its worth more than half my years grade. So far I have done poster design, typography and cd cover design (it’s all based around a band)  and all of this work it due in exactly a month today. At the moment I am supposed to be designing a magazine spread. But I have a mental brain block. I have literally spent over a week starring at my piece of paper. I have a billion ideas just none of them seem good enough…  Anyone got ideas for to get rid of brain blocks urgently!?

This leads me to the topic of ‘art depression’, I don’t actually have any form of depression but I do get this really down (depressing) feeling when this kind of thing happen. Instead of feeling inspired or relaxed by doing art instead I just get really frustrated and stresses out! Which doesn’t really help! Haha. Does anyone else get this feeling or is it just me?  Also any ideas on what I could do would be helpful!


Also thank you to all my lovely follower! I recently reached 250! I have to say its nice to know people actually read and enjoy what i am doing! Plus i am really enjoying getting to know some of you a little better :)

Monday, 24 September 2012

WHAT I GOT - Mums Jewellery box.

As requested here is the post on what I managed to find when digging through mums old jewellery box:

If you want to purchase decent jewellery that’s not going to fall to pieces as you wear it, things can get a little pricey. And as much as I love opshops the range of jewellery is pretty limited. So instead, the only logical thing to do is to beg, borrow and steal from you family. And if there is one thing I have found it’s that family members are usually really flattered that you want their things! Seriously if you want some good quality vintage jewellery take a trip to your nana’s house. When you think about it, it makes sense that people have all this lovely old jewellery they don’t wear but it’s too good to throughout. When talking to my mum, most of the stuff she gave to me she had grown out of – which is a valid point, half the stuff I was wearing a couple of years ago I would never wear now.  

The pieces below are a mix of things from my gran and mum.


Sunday, 23 September 2012

OUTFIT + some sun and my cat!

This weekend has actually felt like summer! Today I had to head over to the other side of town for a photo shoot I have to do for school and on the way home we decided to get an ice cream at the beach because my brother broke his toe and we thought it would be a nice way to cheer him up. However it seems most of wellington had a similar idea, everyone was at the beach so we had to mark miles away and my brother with his broken toe had to walk all the way to the shop… And before you think what an awful sister why didn’t you just bring one back to him? First off it would melt. And secondly he insisted he walk over and choose his own ice cream... Apparently he likes to induce his own pain?

This is what I was wearing today, admittedly it’s not that different to what I wear in winter but instead of a snuggly cardigan I am wearing a shirt, which is light and breezy so it’s perfect for warmer weather. I actually bought this shirt aggges ago and never really wore it but now I get the feeling it will be wearing it alllll summer.  As for the earrings, I guess they are not everyone’s cup of tea but I love them! I was raiding my mum’s jewellery box and found a whole lot of great stuff which I will have to do a post on - let me know if your keen.

The nice sunny weather today at the beach :)

Last week of school for me! So for a bit of inspiration here is a photo of my cat! 
Anna xx

Saturday, 22 September 2012

The cheapest haul ever?!

This morning I was out with my mum and we decided to quickly pop in to an opshop we were passing and pretty much the best thing ever happened:  As I walked in to the store the little lady behind the counter told me they were having a sale – squish as much as you can in to a plastic bag for $5.00. So mum and I literally scoured the whole store and got as much as we could in to a bag. In total we ended up with 8 pieces, I am only showing a few things though because we got some stuff for my dad and brother which aren’t that interesting.


These are the pieces that I got, there is one other thing but I just realised I forgot to photograph it! First thing I picked up was the denim skirt, for aggges I have been looking for I nice one but all the ones  I have found are those super skanky denim miniskirts which I am not a fan. But this one I love, mainly for the pattern on the hem but it also fits really well not that you can tell on the hanger! Anyone else have problem with photographing clothes and they just end up looking like crap? While I was looking through the men’s section I spotted this grey t-shirt, something else I have been searching for. It might just be me but I way prefer the fit of guys t-shirts? They just seem more comfy. I find it really hard to buy dresses, I can never seem to find any that I like but today because of the sale I went a little bit crazy and just chucked stuff in a bag including this dress I really like the pattern so I sure I can get some wear out of it. And finally it wouldn't be a complete haul without a giant floral shirt.

In the end we calculated it to be $1.60 per item. In US$ that’s $1.30 and in pounds its £0.80 – Yay for the currency convertor!

This is a top that I found for my lovely mum. It’s by Australian designer David Lawrence and looks so pretty on! Not that you can really tell in the photos though. It’s 100% silk and feels soooo good! I can’t believe she nearly didn’t buy it! Luckily I am a rather bossy daughter and forced her to. 

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