Tuesday, 18 September 2012


There is no denying that floral prints have been in style for a while now and are a key piece that adds femininity to any look. However I am not really a fan of looking like a girly girl, and no that does not mean I feel the need to dress like a tom-boy; I just like to have a little contrast in my outfits.
 Anyone who shops in thrift stores will know that there is an abundance of lovely floral clothing little nana’s drop off – one print in particular I am drawn to are patterns on black. It could be just a weird assumption I have in my head but I always think that having flowers on black seems to lessen the feminine quality? Making it a little more grunge, and a little less “I’m a fairy princess queen of flowers’.
Plus its makes it so much easier if you want to wear clashing prints which I often do – one less colour to consider which is always helpful.

What are your thoughts on darker floral patterns?



  1. What a lovely floral I agree with you, a floral pattern on black background gives a little something else.

  2. Having a black background with a floral print probably makes you think 'less girly' since the flowers tend to take on a more autumnal palette to match the black; since Spring is sort of the epitome of 'femininity' that makes Fall just the opposite :)
    I personally love darker florals since they go much better with my skin tone!


  3. love floral on black, i'm looking for more floral skirts!

    Leopard and Lillies

  4. I love darker florals and the grunge vibe about it :)


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