Sunday, 2 September 2012

New Flats - AKA my life

It’s actually stupid how excited I was to find these shoes; I have been looking for a pair like these in op-shops for sooooooooo long! I picked them up yesterday on yet another op-shopping trip with Paula – it’s a miracle either of us have any money at the rate we shop. On Saturday we headed out for a bit of last minute father’s day shopping and while on the other side of town we decided to check out the new Cats Protection league opshop my friend Zoe had mentioned - shes a bit of a good sort helping out there. I actually ended up getting a denim jacket as well as these shoes so it was worth the trip!

The shoes are a size 8 which is perfect for me, a little snug but I am sure I will wear them in super quick – they look hardly worn. The upper is 100% leather so the price of $4.00 was a steal!  I would have paid so much more, but of course I am not going to turn away a bargain. These will be perfect for the approaching summer months to just chuck on. Can’t wait!

Top- opshop $3.50, cardigan – opshop $2.00, skirt – Cotton On $10, Shoes – opshop $4.00



  1. Omg I LOVE them! They are so gorgeous :) amazing price too! x

  2. they're so cute! cats protection league is one of my fav charity shops, the one near me has a 50p rail!

    Laila x

  3. Great find!Those look really cute.

  4. Every time I open your blog I think: why there isn't this kind of shop in Italy?

  5. Great shoes!

  6. such a nice feeling when you find something you've been searching for in a charity shop! your outfit is so sweet :)

  7. Hi darling, loves how you pulled off this summer casual look. I put you on my BBD bloggers best dressed have a look here x


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