Saturday, 8 September 2012

New Purchases + Outfit

Today I headed out for a spot of opshopping and this is what I wore, lately I have been trying to wear more of my clothes. I have so many now and I find that I always just end up wearing the same stuff over and over! Do you guys get that? Such a first world problem.  Today in wellington it was actually really stormy, super windy and rainy but because it’s now officially spring I refuse to wear tights. I am honestly so ready for summer!

Today I went somewhere a little different to shop, instead of heading out to a few different stores I just went to one big one on the water front. Because it’s a second hand store not a charity store it was more expensive than I am use to, still it was nice to have such a variety of clothes to look at.

I could have got soooo much more but in the end I narrowed it down to three items. The first and most expensive was the khaki jacket for $18.00, way more pricey than I usually go for but I am in love with it so whatever. A red jacket, very similar to my cream one for $7.00 and a purple shirt which photographs so badly! In general this shirt is kinda average but I really like the collar detailing so I couldn’t leave it behind. 

And finally here is a sign that I need to stop shopping; my wardrobe is getting ridiculously full! You can’t actually see but I have pile of clothes on the floor – I need to buy MORE coat hangers!



  1. Such a cool cardi! x

  2. i love the red jacket! i need more coat hangers too, some of mine have 3 items of clothing on them and then i can never find anything!

  3. It really is a sad realization that you have too many clothes when you need to buy more hangers haha... I recently just bought another 18 pack of hangers to add to my clothing/thrifting addiction!


  4. So cute look Anna and I like your room!:)
    xx Simona

  5. Such a pretty outfit, I love the skirt! And I have to buy new hangers all the time haha, don't worry about it! xx

  6. I LOOOOVE your red jacket! UGHHH so cute!! The army one is really cute too!!

    xx eva

  7. the burgundy jacket is amazing!


  8. You look great! I especially love your striped shirt.



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