Wednesday, 26 September 2012

OUTFIT - Bipolar Weather

Spring is a pretty crazy time in New Zealand when it comes to weather – Especially in Wellington. Apparently we are the windiest capital city in the world! Therefore it can get pretty tricky trying to coordinate outfits. The other day I left my house and it was all blue skies and sunshine by the afternoon there was hail – honestly how am I supposed to keep up with that? This outfit has become a bit of a favorite when it comes to uncertain weather. The jersey on top is warm enough to keep away the cold and the skirt is better for warmer weather plus its easy add tights to for extra warmth.

Is anyone else suffering from bi-polar weather where they live?
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Anna xx


  1. Blimey and thought we had we had unpredictable weather here in the England. Ever since my family and I moved to Newcastle in the NE it has been either very breezy or very windy. Really annoying when one has got there hair all done nicely and you step outside and the bloody wind ruins it.

    I really love your outfit and that sweater and necklace are so cool.

  2. wow hail?! and I thought Sydney had bipolar weather but ours does not compare!
    I hate having to wear a jumper when it's blue skies and sun outside!

  3. sweet outfit! and nice blog you have:) so i follow you now! Would be great if you follow us back and let me know what you think about our blog:)

  4. okay i KNOW what you mean by bi-polar weather because I've experienced it before (although not as extreme as sunshines and hails in one day..) XD

    oh and I love the outfit :D

    Simpler Pleasures of Existence

  5. I totally love the jumper/collar look! x

  6. Britain definitely has bi-polar weather, the rain can't decide whether to stay or not. I love your outfit, especially the jumper :) xx

  7. It's been tough weather-wise in Massachusetts lately; it's one of the many reasons why I always carry an umbrella and a cozy grandpa cardigan!! Love the school-girl look, by the way :)

  8. Oh I want all of your clothes Anna! I'm loving this outfit!
    Georgia X


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