Saturday, 1 September 2012


Here's this month’s images, for those of you who didn't see last month’s post I have decided at the start of every month I will post some images I have found inspiring as well as a blog that I have been enjoying.
These images are all from my pinterest, feel free to check it out if you like what you see above. This month I made a tumblr, but I just don’t get it? Maybe I will have to work on it. The start of September marks the first of spring for us in New Zealand so excited! I can kiss goodbye the tights and woolly jumpers!

Because I am so indecisive, this month’s one blog has turned in to three, oh well! Who doesn’t love finding nice new blog?

1 – Colour me nana: This is such a beautiful blog, I adore all the photography and the posts are all beautifully done. A favourite post of mine which will come as no surprise was on flea markets. Typical!

2- This please: I just found this recently, and it’s pretty much your run-of-the-mill style blog, but in saying that I LOVE this Ami’s style. Plus she does amazing D.I.Y’s . So worth a look!

3 – The public diary: When I started out blogging this blog was a solid favourite and still is. It’s mainly a photography blog, but one of the best I have seen. Truly beautiful photos, I love the effort less and vintage feel they have to them. Highly recommended blog.  


  1. spent far too long looking at the first photo, it's so perfect! x

  2. These blogs are awesome! I had fun checking them out.
    Twitter: @samantha_mariko

  3. beautiful inspiration! love the last photo :)

  4. These photos here are amazing. Truly inspirational!


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