Sunday, 30 September 2012


Staying true to a typical spring day in Wellington, the weather has been super windy today! It was really until I started this blog that's realized how much the weather actually dictates what I wear? Obviously I have always known it does - i'm not going to wear a sun dress in the middle of winter. But today I chose to wear this particular skirt as it won't blow up in the wind, I wore the jacket because it looked like it may rain. I unconsciously put a lot of weather related effort in to my outfits. I didn't even realize.

This is going to make me sound do cheap but I was thinking how expensive this outfit was compared to my usual. The shoes were $30 and the jacket $16. Still I love them to pieces!! I would have paid even more for both! And the tshirt makes up for it being only $1.60 - yay for sales !!

For those of you who are regular readers you might notice I have changed where I take my blog photos, what do you think ??

Anna xx


  1. You get such better lighting here; a great change from the usual :) And I love your outfit!! Very casually chic :)
    As a random side-note: your hair looks particularly lovely in these photos!


  2. you look amazing,love your jacket!

  3. Those shoes are amazing! You always find such great stuff. The jacket pulls the whole outfit together. Love!

    Elle Michele

  4. Heeled brogues! I own a black pair myself.

  5. those shoes are just gorgeous, such a great find! you style is seriously lovely, would love your wardrobe :) xx

  6. Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting! I like your blog, so I'm now following it. Hope you will follow mine as well.


  7. Haha I definitly let the weather choose my outfits for me - I always look at the forecast for the next day before deciding what to wear! Like, I don't want to wear jeans if it's going to be raining heavily, because they'll get soaked and won't dry all day.

    I do like your parka and your shoes! And how you wore a nice plain shirt with your skirt.


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