Thursday, 6 September 2012

UPDATE: Purchases + Gifts

This is my new denim jacket I picked up  last weekend from the new cats protection league in wellington. I am in love with this jacket, the denim wash is perfect and I can’t wait to wear it in summer although I am considering making it in to a vest? This was $6.00 which is so much cheaper and much better quality than my denim jacket from Salvation Army, not sure about anyone else but I find their stuff can a little over priced? 

This makes me sound like such a bookworm! While waiting at the bus stop I popped in to the local antique store and picked up 2 new books. I do love reading but can never really find a good book or enough time to enjoy them so normally when I buy books it’s for aesthetic purposes only with the exception of a few. The first book I picked up was purely for the cover which I think is really lovely but I doubt I will ever read it. The second book is amazing ‘Schott’s Original Miscellany’, don’t judge me but when I was in the store I didn’t even look inside this book before buying it – I just really like the cover. How superficial! But on closer inspection this book is so cool, it’s full of weird and quirky facts: Phobias, presidents of America, rhyming slang, all the bond film. The list goes on. Completely useless, yet still addictive to read. 

In other completely random yet slightly entertaining news, my friend Paula decided that it would be a laugh to wrap my iPod up in tape and make it look like a present. As you do? I actually thought it looked kinda cute, even if it was slightly impractical. 



  1. nice gifts you got! and haha the ipod is pretty cute I have to agree with you!!

  2. Ooh that denim jacket is NICE - I love the kind of mottled effect of the denim. I think it would look amazing as a vest! x

  3. lovely finds... i love the jean jacket!! xx

  4. That's a great denim jacket, and for $6?! What a great find!

  5. Ooooo the cover on that first book really is gorgeous!!


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