Monday, 24 September 2012

WHAT I GOT - Mums Jewellery box.

As requested here is the post on what I managed to find when digging through mums old jewellery box:

If you want to purchase decent jewellery that’s not going to fall to pieces as you wear it, things can get a little pricey. And as much as I love opshops the range of jewellery is pretty limited. So instead, the only logical thing to do is to beg, borrow and steal from you family. And if there is one thing I have found it’s that family members are usually really flattered that you want their things! Seriously if you want some good quality vintage jewellery take a trip to your nana’s house. When you think about it, it makes sense that people have all this lovely old jewellery they don’t wear but it’s too good to throughout. When talking to my mum, most of the stuff she gave to me she had grown out of – which is a valid point, half the stuff I was wearing a couple of years ago I would never wear now.  

The pieces below are a mix of things from my gran and mum.



  1. These are all so pretty and unique!

  2. Some lovely pieces here, I really love the rings and that watch especially. I wondered love if I could email you about something?

  3. Love the earrings in the first picture!

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  4. You're so lucky! Can we swap Mums? Just for the jewellery supply of course!


  5. Oh I do exactly the same when I go to my nans, straight to the jewellery box!
    I love you your finds, the little pig charm is so cute. xx

  6. Most of my jewelry is from either my grandmother or my mother, and they do both take delight in the fact that I'm interested in their jewelry! I think it makes the pieces all the more special. Also, I absolutely love that watch!

  7. You got some wonderful treasures in there!! The most wonderful part though is that you can always remember your mom and grandma when you wear them and feel their love :)

  8. How pretty! I especially love that little piggy pendant!
    I have that same problem at thrift stores... I seem to have better luck at flea markets, though!


  9. aww this is lovely - love the rings! My mom gave me some of her rings from her jewellery box the other day - been wearing them none stop! Lovely blog - you have lovely style!
    lucy xx


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