Tuesday, 25 September 2012

WHAT I'VE BEEN UP TO - art update/depression

Today I thought I would update you all on how my arts going. This year at school I am in Year 12, the second to last year of school. EVER! In relation to art this means I had to decide if I wanted to do painting or design. I personally prefer to paint but as more of a career choice I went with design. (Please don’t judge my stuff to harshly I have only been doing design for half a year! And these are the originals not the polished computer versions.)

At the moment I am working on a design portfolio – EXTREMLY STRESSFUL! As its worth more than half my years grade. So far I have done poster design, typography and cd cover design (it’s all based around a band)  and all of this work it due in exactly a month today. At the moment I am supposed to be designing a magazine spread. But I have a mental brain block. I have literally spent over a week starring at my piece of paper. I have a billion ideas just none of them seem good enough…  Anyone got ideas for to get rid of brain blocks urgently!?

This leads me to the topic of ‘art depression’, I don’t actually have any form of depression but I do get this really down (depressing) feeling when this kind of thing happen. Instead of feeling inspired or relaxed by doing art instead I just get really frustrated and stresses out! Which doesn’t really help! Haha. Does anyone else get this feeling or is it just me?  Also any ideas on what I could do would be helpful!


Also thank you to all my lovely follower! I recently reached 250! I have to say its nice to know people actually read and enjoy what i am doing! Plus i am really enjoying getting to know some of you a little better :)


  1. WOW!!!! Your illustrations/designs are simple stunning. I wish you would open an etsy shop and sell these at postcards, prints or greetings cards. Do you have a flickr photstream? because if not you really should. The deer/stag ones are a win with me. Please show more of your work as I didn't realise you did you all this beautiful drawings.

    I understand the whole art depression thing. I find when I am stuck I go out for the day and that normally lifts my spirits. You live in one of the most beautiful country's in the entire world for scenery and mountains. That would inspire me any day. I'm a Lord of the Rings mega fan hence my desire to come over and visit one day.

    1. Also if I were you I would get yourself on twitter and tell people of your beautiful blog and artwork ;) and if you do, send me your twitter page link and I will follow you.

  2. I love your designs! They really are very good :) xx


  3. Great post!

    3 words LOVE YOUR STYLE :)

    I'm an instant follower of you now :)

    Please feel free to check out my blog if you have the time



  4. Being in a Master's program for art, I'd like to think I have slight knowledge in how to get over that "art depression" you're talking about ;) Believe it or not, it's something all artists go through (though with some you would never know... some artists are much better at coving it up) and my biggest piece of advice is to just put something on the page. I know it sounds simple and stupid but it's the best thing you can do if you're over thinking what's right or what's wrong in your head. If you put down something on a piece of paper, even if it's just one line across the page, you will automatically know whether you like it or not and can make changes from there. It's probably one of the most revelatory things I've discovered in my years of being an artist and really gets a person going so I hope it can help you as well :)


  5. Your work is incredible, I really love it! Good luck with your final piece xxx

  6. everything looks amzing,such a lovely work :D

  7. Your work is excellent! I can't see how anyone would judge it harshly.
    But I completely understand your feelings about 'art depression', i'm a gigantic perfectionist so I spent most of high school art feeling inadequate and deflated! I love art but it genuinely isn't worth the hassle, for me at least.

  8. Holy cow your designs are amazing!
    All of this stuff looks great!
    Whenever I'm having an art block I look to nature to get my wheels turning! Or I illustrate something from a book or fairytale that already exists.


  9. Wow love your drawings! V talented!



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