Tuesday, 9 October 2012


I think it’s fair to day that there are a tonne of fashion bloggers out there who know how to perfectly style an outfit – I am not one of them sadly. Hopefully a few of them read my blog and will be able to give me their thoughts on a problematic skirt I have. This style of post is something that I am not really used to doing but I thought that there are so many people looking at my blog surely someone will have some advice? Or maybe I am a lost cause?  

This is an outfit I planned on wearing out the other day but in the end I changed out if it, and in to something else. I love each of the items of clothing individually but together they just seem a bit….. Strange? I can’t quite put my finger on it but to me it looks weird. In reality I am probably over analysing but I would love to know what you think? And maybe how you world wear this skirt? Also I really need to iron the hem, it’s all crinkled from drying funny after being washed but that easily fixed.

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  1. I love this outfit! It doesn't look strange to me D:
    hmm .. some advice? Try some flowy/baggy outwear since the skirt is very body-con-like, so theres a balance. But who am I to say! I personally love all the outfits you put together (:

  2. I think you should wear a long cardigan with the skirt and maybe change the shoes to a slightly lighter pair, but other than great outfit. Hope this is helpful x

  3. I think if you find an oversized cardigan in one of the colours at the bottom of the skirt, stick with the white tshirt, and then throw on some black ankle boots or some nude pumps, then that would look awesome. I absolutely love your blog. I'm following you and I'd love it if you could follow me back? Anyway, keep up the amazing work! Felicity x


  4. I would have put on coloured tights instead of socks, but I find your overall perfectly nice my dear.

  5. You have some lovely clothes, and it is a nice outfit (: But I think I have to agree with Maria's suggestion above, to have something a bit larger on top, perhaps an oversized chunky-knit cardigan or jumper would look nice!
    Also, I'd personally chuck a pair of tights on under the skirt, but keep the socks, as socks look super cute over tights when you wear them with brogues, at least that's my experience in the UK.
    Cute though (: hope you find some of this helpful! x

  6. No way, this outfit looks GREAT!!! I would also wear it with an oversized flannel/plaid shirt on top and tie it into a knot in front :) Play with the hint of pattern that the skirt provides! It's basically a built in accessory!!


  7. Okay.. with it being short & tight-fitting I'd probably go with an oversized knit or blouse with dipped back hem. BUT from what I've seen on here you are pretty great at styling yourself!

  8. i think this outfit is great! maybe a looser fitting shirt with the tight skirt you are wearing, but i love the pieces!

    lindsey louise


  9. I really like the outfit, the colors of the skirt pop with your wee shoes (which are awesome) and your jacket. I like things real simple so this is probably how I would have styled it too. Sometimes outfits grow on you, I remember feeling oh so self conscious when I first started wearing old man trousers but now i'm used to seeing them on me it's no big deal. Thanks for your lovely comment over on my blog, it made me feel all warm inside. Thrifters for life!!!! :) xx

  10. Love this skirt! I think you should go with the new "trend" of wearing short skirts/shorts/dresses underneath long vests or jackets. DO you have any sleeveless trench coats? Maybe a long light jacket? Layered over this, they'd totally make it classy and help balance out the short length. Keep the shirt slightly loose too - I think that will really help keep everything sophisticated.

    The shoes are perfection, though. Keep keep keep!!

    You're so pretty, and give off such a cool vibe.


  11. Love your shoes and socks combo, it's so cute! You still look really cute in that outfit, I'd probably team the skirt with a flowing blouse tucked into the skirt and a leather jacket!

    Lana, xo

  12. My rule is that I wear one thing tight and thing loose. So with a fitted skirt I would grab a loose graphic tee and tie the side of it into a knot ♥


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