Saturday, 27 October 2012


For ages I had been one of those people thinking – Pffft?! What is this Instagram crap that everyone’s on about?? I will tell you what it is – Addicting.  I signed up to Instagram a couple of days after jumping on the twitter bandwagon but I have to admit I have been kind of underwhelmed by twitter? I am still not too sure about the whole thing? Instagram on the other hand I was instantly addicted to.

If you have a spare moment I would love for you to come follow me and while you’re at it leave me a link to your Instagram! My username on Instagram is opshopaholic.



  1. Love those shoes on the bottom row, and am jut about to follow you on Instagram! xo

  2. Instagram is so addicting, I totally agree! Also, I was looking at your last post and recycle boutique is absolutely the best! love it. Thanks for your sweet comment on my post.
    Xo Jane

  3. awh, your blog is so cute! i love the pair of shoes you featured here, they look so darling!

    lindsey louise


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