Friday, 26 October 2012


Seeing as my folio is now completed and handed in I decided to resume my life and treat myself to a few new tops. Normally when I go opshopping, I head out to the suburbs as the opshops are better but today I mixed it up a little and when in to town – such an exciting life I lead. First off I picked up the little white top form a place called the fringe market, basically it’s a few woman that buying in vintage clothes and then sell them in an old bar. I was so tempted to buy most of the market but it was all mostly out of my price range – I only bough $20.00 with me.

Next I went to Recycle Boutique, for those of you who are not from NZ Recycle boutique is shop that sells peoples pre-loved clothes. But it’s not like other second hand stores that take anyone’s old clothes they mostly take in things that are considered fashionable. The selection of clothes is stunning, featuring a lot of designer pieces as well as some really lovely vintage things as well. A few years ago I literally used to live in recycle boutique and shopped there all the time, then over time I realised I could get similar stuff for cheaper in actual opshops – yes I am a tight ass. So returning to recycle boutique was a bit of a shock as the prices were so much higher. But in saying that, Recycle Boutique is so well run with some of the nicest clothes and the staff are all super lovely and it’s for that reason that I still love having a look around and picking up a few pieces. And in reality its someone’s business so it’s stupid for people to claim its overpriced. Today I got a really lovely velvet t-shirt, not really that appropriate for the summer but it’s still a little chilly here in wellington so no doubt I will get some wear out of it.



  1. looks really pretty,great buys :D

  2. You found such lovely pieces. I haven't been to recycle boutique in so long.. The Palmerston one has put their prices up way too high! The things in there end up being closer to retail store prices than op shop prices xx

  3. Everything on your blog is so inspiring! ♥ Your shoes and bags on this photos are amzazing ♥ and t-shirt is CUTE!

  4. That velvet tee is GORGEOUS!! Though it sounds a bit overpriced, that recycle boutique you wrote about sounds lovely (we don't have them in the states though I'm sure they're comparable to vintage shops).


  5. Amazing finds, I am loving the gold top !

  6. I want to visit these shops so bad. Your clothes are beautiful and that velvet top is to die for!!!


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