Friday, 30 November 2012

A WEEK IN NOVEMBER - Life + recent purchases.

NEW glasses from cotton on $2.00
My Babies - Elephant, $50.00 wild pair & New Glassons socks. 

Re-vamped my dresser & got my new ASOS beauty bits

Got myself a new pencil case - ALL BLACKS <3

Pickles (my kitty) having a nap.

New YEN magazine

Freshly done nails - Revlon, Cloud.  

HELLOOOOO SUMMER!!! New Bikini  from Rip Curl $50.00

WORTH A LOOK - Yen magazine.

I really enjoy magazines. A couple of months ago I did a review; it was actually more me gushing about how much I love Frankie Magazine. In that post I also mentioned there would be a follow up review on my other favourite magazine – YEN. 

YEN and Frankie are very similar; both are aimed at the more fashion conscious, crafty and creative of the social spectrum. In my opinion Yen is possibly more art and fashion focused which really appeals to me. Each issue has an artist and photographer of the month which I thoroughly enjoy; it’s so nice to see a wide variety of artist opinions and styles. YEN is also really likeable in the way it does still have some of those familiarities you expect from a magazine. The usual spreads on what’s on trend and a selection of pieces that demonstrate that look. Which is something that Frankie sometimes lacks. Obviously I am in to fashion and I personally feel it’s something that YEN does better than Frankie?

Over all this is a really beautiful magazine, if you enjoy Frankie then you will most probably enjoy this too. YEN is almost like the little sister to follow up Frankie that I always reach for because two months wait for your favourite magazine is too long! This way I manage to get one per month.


Wednesday, 28 November 2012


I am finally starting to get through posting on all my recent purchases! It’s crazy how busy I am now that I have finished school which seems really strange? I’m not actually busy busy but I have just been on holiday mode where everything takes longer and I fuss around the house doing ‘important things’ such as re-arranging my room, making elaborate lunches and playing with my cats. Plus I have been trying to catch up with some close before they fly off to Germany on exchange!

Lately I have been trying to bulk up my jewellery collection, I have quite a few pieces but I only wear a few of them.  For those of you who don’t know I am an absolute ring fanatic. Day to day I generally wear 5-6 rings and if I don’t I feel naked! I am quite picky with my jewellery because I got a lot of hand me downs from my mum meaning that they were all relatively good quality so now I can’t really bring myself to wear cheap high-street  jewellery that tarnishes and breaks so easily. When in town last weekend on Cuba Street (which is kind of like the high street of wellington?) I noticed that a few people have started selling jewellery, hair wraps and dream catchers etc.. So I thought I would go and have a look at their jewellery. Turns out this one woman had these really stunning rings – I literally could have bought them all! In the end I limited myself to one – they cost $20.00. And typical me I can’t remember the stone or what it’s made of, it’s not silver but a metal commonly used in Argentina for jewellery.  I am absolutely in love with this ring. The stone is really beautiful and relatively toned down as it’s quite a large piece (in the scale of rings I would say it’s a medium size stone.) The photo of it above is what it looks like when the light catches it usually it looks a khaki green colour with hints of turquoise.

As for the necklaces, I finally managed to get some that a very short and sit around the neckline. I often wear top with a high neckline and thing necklace that are of a similar length look really nice. I also wanted a few necklaces of this style to have under shirt collars so you can just see them peeking out.  I picked these up from an opshop, the tags said that the silver one was $4.00 and the beaded one was $3.00 but when I went to pay I was charged $2.00 for each. They are so lovely and I can’t wait to wear them! It’s always really satisfying to get something you have been looking for ages. 

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

I don't care if you think i'm rank.

I will be the first to put my hand up and admit, second hand shoes are sometimes super rank to the point of how did anyone even let them in the store? I will also say that it’s completely understandable that this is probably going to disgust some of you. Sorry but I’m not really that fussed. I love second hand shoes – the good quality ones that have clearly never been worn much,  Of course I am not going to buy something that smells of rotting cheese.

On more than one occasion, I have bought shoes (from a actual store) that I have only worn a few times, for whatever reason they just didn’t fit right or weren’t as comfy as I had hoped. The logical thing to do is to donate them to charity, resulting in them being sold in an opshop. So what I am trying to say is that someone just like you or me could have easily donated some of the shoe in an opshop which is a much more appealing idea than if a homeless guy donated them. Not quite sure why people jump to that conclusion – is a homeless guy with nothing really going to donate his shoes??

The boat shoes above are some of my all-time favourite shoes. Ever! They just go with everything and are so unbelievably comfy. I got these for $11.00 and I am pretty sure no one had ever worn them. Which is the same for nearly all the shoes above, apart from the little heeled ones. But I took my chances with those as I am pretty sure whoever wore them last didn’t have any weird foot disease. 

I kinda feel like I am going out on a limb with this post and could be shot down for it. Sorry if you have be grossed out by this, try not to be too harsh in the comments but – what do you think of opshop shoes? 

** also, I use chemically meths stuff to wipe the insides out. 



This is such a basic outfit post mainly made up of pieces you have probably seen me wear before. I'm not sure how accurate this is but I like to think I am environmentally considerate when I shop - second hand clothing is a form if recycling ! But I also think its important to be able to get the most out of what you buy. I have styled this top a little differently to usual by tucking in the top which gives it a more flattering silhouette and a different overall look.

I know I have mentioned it before but what I find so practical about this top is its thickness, it's thinner than a jersey but warmer than a t-shirt, it's really handy for those days in spring / autumn when the weather is always so unpredictable and you always end up making the wrong choice on what to wear always ending up too hot or freezing cold. I also love detailing of the collar and asymmetric stripes.


Sunday, 25 November 2012

Return of the outfit posts + blog post swap anyone?

Finally an outfit post! Sorry that it’s been a while but I have been trying to get up all my haul posts so I can start showing the pieces in outfit posts! Also, normally I take my photos in the evening but after getting home from work I am all dusty and literally look like crap!

This is what I was wearing in the weekend with my new shoes which I was very excited to wear out! I wore this to see the new James Bond movie – is it weird that I really like them?? This one (Sky Fall) I thought was really good especially compared to the last one which I thought ended kind of abruptly? I am head over heals in love with my new floral t-shirt that I got for $4.00 from save mart, it was such a bargain and it’s such a good piece to wear this so many different outfits – its surprisingly versatile. I think what makes it so easy to wear is its ads femininity to an outfit without making it prissy.

Another idea I had for my blog, if you a regular than you may have noticed I am trying to mix up my posts a bit. I was thinking of doing a blog post swap. Pretty much it would involve you writing up an outfit post or make up review or whatever and I would do the same and then it would be posted on each others blog - does that even make sense? I personally really enjoy finding new blogs and sharing them with you guys, plus it’s nice for that person to be appreciated! If you’re interested let me know! Email me at


Saturday, 24 November 2012

MY NEW BABIES - shoes.

After receiving my first pay and seeing a large wad of cash in my account (not that it’s there anymore! I have a slight shopping addiction) I suddenly remembered how I am in great need of new shoes. To get good quality stylish shoes it’s generally quite expensive. You can’t make your own and if you buy cheaper shoes the quality is generally crap. Before having a proper job my income was pretty irregular as I was babysitting and you never know, some weeks might be busy and the next you might not have any work at all. Now that I am on a regular(ish) income you can expect to see many more pairs of shoes appearing on my blog and in my outfit photos.

This particular pair is from a shop called wildpair – if you’re from NZ you will know it, if you’re not they ship overseas and have amazing clothes &shoes check it out! This style is called elephant and they were on sale down from $160.00 to $50.00. The upper is all leather so it’s good quality and should be pretty durable. These also came in a black but I preferred this creamy nude colour, its fits in better with my wardrobe and it looks amazing with my grey socks! The sizing was kinda weird though? I am usually an 8 or 9, I decided to go for a 9 as I would be wearing sock with them most of the time. When the package arrived I tried on the 9 and they were really snug and dug in a bit around the ankle in the end I decided to exchange them for a 10 which was a perfect fit. Especially because the shoe is quite narrow and I naturally have really narrow feet which can make shoe shopping a bit difficult.

Over all these are a super comfy shoe and I am in love with all the detailing and brogue styling but because of the platform/creeper sole they can be made kinda grungy. No doubt you will be seeing a lot more of these!


The Girl behind the Blog

Here are the answers for the questions you asked! i was kidding about my life story but this did get pretty long! 
The difference four and a half years makes!
Dreams for the future? In the future I would love to be able to study fine art, design and photography. My ultimate dream is to own my own business, in a perfect world it would a second hand clothing boutique but in reality I don’t think it will be possible? I guess I will just have to see how things go!

How do I edit photos ? To edit my photos I use Picmonkey. Normally I will just correct the levels (brightness and darkness ) and add colour filters. I use cross process at 30% and dusk at 50% to give it a vintage look? I think its vintagey looking anyway! 

Where do I take my outfit photos? I usually take my blog photos in my bedroom in front of my wardrobe – link to my room tour post. It’s really near a big window so there is good light which is so important for photos

What camera do I have ? I have a Nikon D500, I got it for Christmas I am studying photography at school so it’s more elaborate than you need for blogging but it does the job!

Where in NZ do I live? I live in central wellington – the capital of New Zealand! Aka the middle of middle earth (hobbit thing)

Was I born is NZ? Yes I was! I was born down the bottom of the south island in Dunedin. Ever since then I have been making my way up the country I lived in Christchurch for 5 years before moving to Wellington 4 .5 years ago. And yes, I have always lived here.

What do I think of NZ? Personally I love it. There is nowhere else I would want to live. It’s a very small close knit country that feels really safe. I can’t imagine not living an hour’s drive from the sea (at the most) where I live its 10mins away! I am really proud that we are nuclear free, I don’t remember the protests but I am grateful they happened. What I think is really noticeable if you come here is our laid back nature, everyone’s willing to give a help hand, you meet strangers on the street just willing to have a chat, there are still kids selling lemonade on the pavement! I was one of them! All in all I really enjoy it over here, its nice being so far away because no other countries seem to bother us. None of this land war business!

How I get to Savemart without a car? it’s stupid but I am deadly scared of learning to drive, and yes I know it’s a mind over matter thing but it’s just so intimidating! Haha. I am learning this summer though! When going to the Porirua Savemart I train to Porirua from the welling station and then get on a bus to cannons creek. I can’t remember its name though! It should say on the metlink website. I have never been to the upper Hutt Savemart via public transport but it’s pretty close to the centre of upper Hutt so you could take a bus and walk? If you need more direct instructions just email me! Truth be told I don’t really go to save mart that often because it is so far away! And it’s a little overpriced compared to opshops. I probably only head out there once or twice a year?

Why is my wallpaper in my wardrobe stripy but not in the rest of my room? Good question! I have no idea. Personally I really like it. I guess that maybe the room was originally all wall paper and over time it was renovated and no one bothered about the inside of the wardrobe?

Who are my best friends? I hate this question! I am not too sure how many of my friends read my blog but if they see this then of course I don’t want to offend anyone! The friend I have known the longest is India, we were unbelievably close when I was about 12, but then I moved to wellington. Amazingly we are still really close and I see her nearly every summer and a bit through the year. In fact I would say moving has kept us close. Weird I know but if we were still in the same city I think other new friends would have gotten in the way whereas now we make a conscious effort to stay close. I am really lucky to have a close group of friends here in wellington. We all met at the start of high school and we have been inseparable since – this all sounds so cheesy! I am really lucky to have my friend Paula live literally around the corner so I ALWAYS see her and she often just comes over. My family refers to her as our other sister/daughter it’s almost like she lives here sometimes!

What do I do at work? I work in a factory! Glamorous huh!! My dad hooked me up with the job but I don’t actually work for him so it’s not as if I get an easy time or anything like that. I work in the recycling area of the factory and cut excess yarn of cones. It’s hard to explain but it basically involves physical activity the whole day and I am on my feet for up to ten hours. The only reason I do it is because the pay it soooo good! In 3 days I had made $400.00 which is crazy! Its only short term though, and very sporadic.

Where do I prefer NOT to opshop? I will pretty much opshop anywhere, I have become immune so scummy little back street stores that have weird smelling clothes – I have a washing machine for a reason. Places that I prefer not to shop in are places like red cross store.. It sounds harsh but they are normally overpriced. In saying that though you can still find a bargain and the quality and cleanliness is probably the best for opshop standards. I also prefer to shop in the suburbs – in town they raise the prices.

When am I going to have children? Um…. Being 16 and all I haven’t really given it much thought! I would like to have children I guess it will be a matter of when I meet the right person?

Why do I like tea? I DON’T like tea! Haha. I like herbal teas like lemon and ginger or apple and black current tea. I never drink green tea or normal tea. I think it’s a bit yucky! But I am addicted to herbal tea. I can’t believe I waited this long to find it. If you’re in New Zealand try the Healtheries brand.

If you have any questions keep them coming I am happy to do a follow up post for this! Also, tomorrow will be an outfit post; I know I haven’t done one in a while sorry if all this personal crap is annoying you!

Thursday, 22 November 2012

QUESTIONS - Do you have any for me?

Hey guys!
From Pinterest
 This is post is going to be a tad more personal than usual, hope you don’t mind! I personally quite like questions posts and get to know me type posts – that could just be my inner creep coming out but I just find reading blogs much nicer when I know a bit about the person, it makes reading their other posts more relatable.

 I thought I would do a questions post of my own. At the moment there are 4 questions I have been asked, which is really enough to do a whole post on, so I thought I would see if any of you had a question. It can be blog related or as random as you like. Blogging tips, what camera I use, about my layout etc.. Or more personal – do I have siblings, what are you studying at school? Where do I see myself in 10 years etc.. Or it could be random – do you like oranges?  Shrubs or bushes? Do you like Austria? I really don’t mind, ask away!

Email me at or comment below.
Thanks! Anna 

YOUTUBE - Who i'm watching

In my last post I mentioned my growing addiction to youtube! A few of you asked me what my favorite channels where and youtubers that I really liked. First off I just wanted to mention the obvious ones like Zoella and Beauty Crush, all those usual people you hear about – I too love them, but I though I would try and show a wider variety.

THRIFTY YOUTUBERS – I have been trying to widen my horizons with this aspect of my youtube viewing and below are some people that you probably would have never seen but there are also some familiar faces in there as well. Being obsessed with opshopping its only natural that my youtube feed is swamped with these kind of videos. I like to think of it as inspiration! 

 THE FASHION CITIZEN - I have been in love with these two for so long! It’s almost at creepy girl crush level.. They are tried and true thrift shopping pro’s. The stuff they buy is the kind of thing you look at and cry in front of your computer screen ‘why don’t they have that in my thrift stores???’

LULUTRIXABELLE – Lucy’s channel is a mix of styling, beauty and car boot sales – a form of second-hand shopping.  I personally mainly watch the car boot hauls but she recently won a cosmo blog award so she knows what she’s talking about. The stuff she buys is freaking amazing! 

 CLOTHES ENCOUNTERS – Jenn is just one of those people who epitomizes coolness in such an effortless way. Her styling is always spot on and I love how she is so experimental with fashion. I adore all her videos. While she is no longer thrifting as much, seriously look at all her stunning hauls from a few months back.

 VERONICA ANNE – truth be told, I only subscribed to this channel yesterday! But I am already in love! Veronicas thrifting abilities are phenomenal! And she comes across really well on camera which is so nice to see, some youtubers who aren’t as well known can be a little awkward and cliché.

 OUR LIFE AND TIMES – I am personally in love with channel! Lilly is so quirky and really her own persona but still in a really loveable way. I haven’t watched too many of her videos but from what I have seen I really like! She is the kind of girl that I would actually want to meet and be friend with! Haha creepy!

 07NGOMA – This is Maria one of my blogging friends – I say friends but we haven’t actually met haha! More like I have a major crush on  her blog and style! She just started out on youtube this week And I am already addicted to her channel.

Hope you guys enjoyed! 

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

A rather confusing post - What i bought.

Ok, this post may get a tad confusing due to my lack of self-control. Above are the photos of what I wore today when I went out opshopping. Below are photos of what I got in the weekend. Hopefully this doesn’t get too muddled.

On a typical morning, while I am on holiday I tend to wake up at 9.30, check my emails, check my blog and get up. Next I flick on the kettle and brew some tea. While that’s happening I watch YouTube. Of course. And this morning I got rather inspired by the beautiful weather which has been a long time coming! We are literally days away from summer over here in New Zealand, and I hadn’t seen the sun in days! Inspired by what other people had picked up in opshops I decided to head out to the shops. I was also kind of influenced by the fact that I saw on the opshop directory that some new opshops had popped up around the place so I thought I should have a look.

So that’s what I have been up to today. My outfit is pretty much all based around the need to be kept cool in the sun but still be comfortable while shopping as it involves a lot of trying on and walking from shop to shop. In the end I opted for my trusty black and cream skirt with a grey t-short and my boat shoes of course – the world most comfortable shoe! Assuming it was going to be a big day of shopping, I took my large brown bag with extremely wide gussets so I could fit in all of my purchases without the need for plastic bags.  All of what I am wearing is thrifted. 

So this is what I got at Savemart last weekend. The things I got today I will post about soon, but I actually have a back log of clothes to show you, seeing as I am on holiday I now have too much spare time to shop and it’s all just mounting up!

LACE TOP – this cost $6.00 and I am super in love with it. As some of you will know by now I am a sucker for lace and I really liked this top because it was really form fitting so it’s very flattering and it’s not your typical black or white lace its blue/grey which makes it a little more interesting.  It’s quite a short top so I think I will wear it with high-waist pants and skirts.

BLACK DRESS – this cost $9.00, and it’s actually a 3XL top, but I have decided to wear it as a dress because it’s big enough! I much prefect floaty oversized dresses to figure hugging ones, some people say that it swamps my figure but it’s just what I feel comfortable in. Unfortunately this photographs really badly! What I really liked about it is how the fabric drapes when worn. I am actually quite fond of the fabric itself; it’s a really demure lace pattern.

T-SHIRT – this was $4.00, how could you pass up this super cute t-shirt? It’s covered in tiny pansies and has a scalloped neck line. This will be so cute and comfy all through summer.

BLUE DRESS – While I normally prefer lose dresses, this one fits perfectly which NEVER happens! You may notice that I normally don’t buy dresses; this is because I can never find nice ones that fit properly. This one was $11.00 and it’s just a classic shirt dress.  


Monday, 19 November 2012

BAG COLLECTION - slightly excessive.











Turns out I have a bag addiction. Bags are just one of those things that I always seem to be able to find in opshops, and they are always such good quality. In fact I would even go as far to say that bags are probably the most bargainous thing to buy second hand – you’re paying around $5.00 for a genuine leather bag that originally probably cost anywhere between $100-250.00 (Yes,  I Google the brands of bag I buy when I get home.) Thinking about it now, I haven’t bought a bag from a retail store in years. I just can’t get over the fact people buy fake leather handbags that look super tacky for $50.00? All of the bags above are less than $10.00, some even cost as little as $3.00.

I know that this may look a little excessive, this many bags but I genuinely do use them all. The larger bags I use for school or when I go to the beach etc.. Others I use for going out, but most of them are just used day to day when I’m in town or heading out to do things.  


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