Tuesday, 20 November 2012

A rather confusing post - What i bought.

Ok, this post may get a tad confusing due to my lack of self-control. Above are the photos of what I wore today when I went out opshopping. Below are photos of what I got in the weekend. Hopefully this doesn’t get too muddled.

On a typical morning, while I am on holiday I tend to wake up at 9.30, check my emails, check my blog and get up. Next I flick on the kettle and brew some tea. While that’s happening I watch YouTube. Of course. And this morning I got rather inspired by the beautiful weather which has been a long time coming! We are literally days away from summer over here in New Zealand, and I hadn’t seen the sun in days! Inspired by what other people had picked up in opshops I decided to head out to the shops. I was also kind of influenced by the fact that I saw on the opshop directory that some new opshops had popped up around the place so I thought I should have a look.

So that’s what I have been up to today. My outfit is pretty much all based around the need to be kept cool in the sun but still be comfortable while shopping as it involves a lot of trying on and walking from shop to shop. In the end I opted for my trusty black and cream skirt with a grey t-short and my boat shoes of course – the world most comfortable shoe! Assuming it was going to be a big day of shopping, I took my large brown bag with extremely wide gussets so I could fit in all of my purchases without the need for plastic bags.  All of what I am wearing is thrifted. 

So this is what I got at Savemart last weekend. The things I got today I will post about soon, but I actually have a back log of clothes to show you, seeing as I am on holiday I now have too much spare time to shop and it’s all just mounting up!

LACE TOP – this cost $6.00 and I am super in love with it. As some of you will know by now I am a sucker for lace and I really liked this top because it was really form fitting so it’s very flattering and it’s not your typical black or white lace its blue/grey which makes it a little more interesting.  It’s quite a short top so I think I will wear it with high-waist pants and skirts.

BLACK DRESS – this cost $9.00, and it’s actually a 3XL top, but I have decided to wear it as a dress because it’s big enough! I much prefect floaty oversized dresses to figure hugging ones, some people say that it swamps my figure but it’s just what I feel comfortable in. Unfortunately this photographs really badly! What I really liked about it is how the fabric drapes when worn. I am actually quite fond of the fabric itself; it’s a really demure lace pattern.

T-SHIRT – this was $4.00, how could you pass up this super cute t-shirt? It’s covered in tiny pansies and has a scalloped neck line. This will be so cute and comfy all through summer.

BLUE DRESS – While I normally prefer lose dresses, this one fits perfectly which NEVER happens! You may notice that I normally don’t buy dresses; this is because I can never find nice ones that fit properly. This one was $11.00 and it’s just a classic shirt dress.  



  1. You look amazing! Love your clothes :)

  2. Very cute outfit and lovely things you picked up!! You always make me want to go thrifting :)


  3. You buy the coolest things! I am so jealous - you always look amazing :) I'd love to see a post about the YouTube vids you watch! x

  4. Heyy Anna you're so gorgeous!!!
    just a quick question, how do you get out to Save Mart so much?? it's quite a long way away..... and you don't even have your learners!
    P.S. why does your wardrobe have stripy wallpaper? it doesn't match the rest of your room, that is sooo weird.


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