Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Decisions decisions..

This is going to be a nifty wee post with two halves – exciting stuff. First off I wanted to share with you guys an outfit post because it’s been AGES! I got a bit flower happy and decided to double up on the floral prints – tiny flowers on the t-shirt and flowers on the skirt in case you can’t see because my photo quality is awful! I have to say I am quite proud of myself this is a relatively spring-ish outfit. I know a lot of people dress to the season – pastels in spring, darks in winter etc.. But honestly I can’t be bothered? If I like it I’m going to wear it regardless of the season. If you have been following my blog for a while no doubt you would have seen most of this before! It’s all 100% thrifted and probably been in hauls and outfit posts.

Second part – I can tell you’re getting excited for this… but it’s just a shoes question. When I say just a shoes question, I don’t really mean that. Shoes are extremely important. Especially as I no longer have to wear uniform next year I am going to have to bulk up on shoes. Which brings me to a complicated issue – what do we think of the shoes bellow? I personally am in LOVE with both pairs. I saw a little ad about the brand – About Arianne, in Frankie Magazine and checked out their website, strangely they don’t have prices on the website so I have had to email them about it. But I am thinking of getting a pair/both.
Do you like them?  Do you think I will get much wear out of them? Do you think they will go out of trend quickly/ I won’t like them in a few months??  Hmmmm such a dilemma.

Anna xx 


  1. I love flatforms, they make an outfit look a bit more polished but they're still really easy to walk in! I prefer the second pair but that's just because I never seem to wear brown shoes! xx

  2. Love your outfit and those shoes! Platforms are great because they're more comfortable than a heel and less casual than a flat. Your hair looks pretty in the sunlight! x

  3. the shoes are super cute! i agree with emily above with regards to comfiness. wear with funky socks, similar to the look in part one ;)

    xandra ★

  4. Super cute outfit!! For me it'd be the black ones!
    Simple and able to go with everything
    S xx

  5. I want your skirt! ♥


  6. I like the black ones; they'd go with anything and give you some height (which always makes me happy, although I'm a shorty)!!


  7. i adore your outfit here dear! i love both of the shoes that you featured above. i would love to own the first pair, would go great with a pair of white/tan socks.

    lindsey louise


  8. BROWN! it's almost summer, seems more you?

  9. Nice outfit, the black ones are nice :)

    Santenne of Crystallized Elements.

  10. Love both pairs of shoes! Get them!


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