Wednesday, 28 November 2012


I am finally starting to get through posting on all my recent purchases! It’s crazy how busy I am now that I have finished school which seems really strange? I’m not actually busy busy but I have just been on holiday mode where everything takes longer and I fuss around the house doing ‘important things’ such as re-arranging my room, making elaborate lunches and playing with my cats. Plus I have been trying to catch up with some close before they fly off to Germany on exchange!

Lately I have been trying to bulk up my jewellery collection, I have quite a few pieces but I only wear a few of them.  For those of you who don’t know I am an absolute ring fanatic. Day to day I generally wear 5-6 rings and if I don’t I feel naked! I am quite picky with my jewellery because I got a lot of hand me downs from my mum meaning that they were all relatively good quality so now I can’t really bring myself to wear cheap high-street  jewellery that tarnishes and breaks so easily. When in town last weekend on Cuba Street (which is kind of like the high street of wellington?) I noticed that a few people have started selling jewellery, hair wraps and dream catchers etc.. So I thought I would go and have a look at their jewellery. Turns out this one woman had these really stunning rings – I literally could have bought them all! In the end I limited myself to one – they cost $20.00. And typical me I can’t remember the stone or what it’s made of, it’s not silver but a metal commonly used in Argentina for jewellery.  I am absolutely in love with this ring. The stone is really beautiful and relatively toned down as it’s quite a large piece (in the scale of rings I would say it’s a medium size stone.) The photo of it above is what it looks like when the light catches it usually it looks a khaki green colour with hints of turquoise.

As for the necklaces, I finally managed to get some that a very short and sit around the neckline. I often wear top with a high neckline and thing necklace that are of a similar length look really nice. I also wanted a few necklaces of this style to have under shirt collars so you can just see them peeking out.  I picked these up from an opshop, the tags said that the silver one was $4.00 and the beaded one was $3.00 but when I went to pay I was charged $2.00 for each. They are so lovely and I can’t wait to wear them! It’s always really satisfying to get something you have been looking for ages. 


  1. I love the ring! They have really similar ones in Trade Aid for about $12. That means they are handmade and all slightly different. I got a bronze ones that has a shimmery stone. You should definitely have a look xx

  2. That ring is so beautiful. It is called Labradorite. I know you have seen this blog post of mine before as you commented on it, but if you scroll down to the last stone, you will see an example of it. You have a very green version, but it comes in different hues and tones of green, blue, purple and yellow.


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