Saturday, 24 November 2012

MY NEW BABIES - shoes.

After receiving my first pay and seeing a large wad of cash in my account (not that it’s there anymore! I have a slight shopping addiction) I suddenly remembered how I am in great need of new shoes. To get good quality stylish shoes it’s generally quite expensive. You can’t make your own and if you buy cheaper shoes the quality is generally crap. Before having a proper job my income was pretty irregular as I was babysitting and you never know, some weeks might be busy and the next you might not have any work at all. Now that I am on a regular(ish) income you can expect to see many more pairs of shoes appearing on my blog and in my outfit photos.

This particular pair is from a shop called wildpair – if you’re from NZ you will know it, if you’re not they ship overseas and have amazing clothes &shoes check it out! This style is called elephant and they were on sale down from $160.00 to $50.00. The upper is all leather so it’s good quality and should be pretty durable. These also came in a black but I preferred this creamy nude colour, its fits in better with my wardrobe and it looks amazing with my grey socks! The sizing was kinda weird though? I am usually an 8 or 9, I decided to go for a 9 as I would be wearing sock with them most of the time. When the package arrived I tried on the 9 and they were really snug and dug in a bit around the ankle in the end I decided to exchange them for a 10 which was a perfect fit. Especially because the shoe is quite narrow and I naturally have really narrow feet which can make shoe shopping a bit difficult.

Over all these are a super comfy shoe and I am in love with all the detailing and brogue styling but because of the platform/creeper sole they can be made kinda grungy. No doubt you will be seeing a lot more of these!



  1. Love these and the black platform makes them look really different!

  2. Oooo they're gorgeous, especially with the black platform!!


  3. they are gorgeous !!

    xx Liyana
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  4. Those are gorgeous <3 I may have to splurge on a pair for myself, I had this lovely salmon pair from Glassons last year but a year of wearing them out has made them kind of gross to even touch now :(

  5. Goooorgeous! I need new brogues so badly xo

  6. These are so cute - love how you've photographed them, as well!

    Lela -

  7. Anna. Also I loooved reading your "questions answered" post! So cool to hear more about your a totally non-creepy way(; I wish I had asked you a question! You just might get a long follow-up email hehe.

    Greta xoxo


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