Sunday, 4 November 2012

NOVEMBER inspiration.

I honestly can’t believe its November already! I know it cliché and everyone says it but... This year really has flown by. It’s crazy to think that in exactly one years’ time I will be leaving school!

Up until now I have been super organised with all my school work, handing thing in on time without too many late nights or dramas, but ever since handing in my final design folio for the year I haven’t been able to find the energy or drive to study for my exams which start in 9 days’ time!!! – Scary. However, I only have two exams so it’s not too bad… Seeing as it’s getting towards the end of the year and everyone’s starting to get a bit run down I thought I would do an inspiration, especially as I am in serious need of inspiration to start studying!!

Anna xx – All images from pinterest.


  1. i loooove the first photo xx

  2. Get studying girl!! Just remember that this is the one time in your life that you'll have to do it so put your heart in it so you have no regrets in the future xx


  3. I love these images! Thanks for sharing!


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