Sunday, 18 November 2012

Paper Bag Princess + Recycle Boutique

As some of you will know, I got a job the other day! And its dam hard, well the job its self is mind numbingly easy but it’s so painful standing on your feet for 10 hours. The reason I am saying this is because:  #1, I am trying to convince myself that my recent shopping habits are reasonable as I deserve something for working so hard. #2,  I wanted you all to know that I work hard for my wages despite how awful I am with them! I literally just spend it all! But in the next few weeks I hope to exercise some self-control and the excitement of income will wear off!! Doubtful.  Seeing as I have been doing a fair bit of shopping I have three hauls coming up in the near future, however I plan on spreading the out a bit.

This is a bit of shopping I did before my exams as a bit of a pick me up. Again these are a little pricier than what I normally buy because I was in town and there are more second hand shops than opshops so the prices are higher. But I don’t care; I am still in love with all of my purchases.

PAPER BAG PRINCESS – if your form Wellington and you have never visited this shop. Shame on you! Everything is under $20 and there is so much great stuff there. While in the men’s section I came across this transformers t-shirt and couldn’t resist. I love the transformer movies as well as the cartoon that I used to watch when I was little so I could hardly leave it in the store. It was $12.00. While I was there I also got a little grey cardigan for $8.00, which I was super happy to find. I have been looking for a nice grey cardigan for EVER. The one I got turned out to be a wool and cashmere blend so it super soft and snugly.

RECYCLE BOUTIQUE – I picked up this seriously stunning denim shirt from recycle boutique, I have been looking for a nice denim shirt for a while and when I saw this one with tiny little embroidered flowers I knew this was the one. BUT. I am so god dam lazy I could be bothered to try it on and it’s a bit too big. You’d think I would have learnt by now, but no. It’s not too bad though so it wasn’t a waste of money buy I think I am going to try attack it with the sewing machine – wish me luck! The shirt was $20.00. Although recycle boutique is a little more expensive than your typical opshop i never leave with out finding something utterly amazing that you generally don't see in salvation army, its so worth the trip. 
Just a heads up, all these prices are in New Zealand Dollars.



  1. Would the shirt still look too big if you wore it unbuttoned as more of a jacket?

    1. That's how I initially planned on wearing it, but its just a tiny bit too big for the whole 'oversized' look, I look like in drowning in fabric!!

  2. The shirt is so cute!!!!!!!!

  3. That denim shirt is SO gorgeous xo

  4. That denim shirt is so so pretty.

  5. love this shirt!

  6. I think until you do it yourself it's hard to understand that being on your feet for a long shift is really painful!! You will get used to it though as I've done waitressing/jobs where I'm constantly standing/walking/running around for eight years now and it gets a little better with each passing week :) Makes you appreciate your dollar more!!


  7. Ooh the Paperbag Princess definitely has some pretty interesting stuff. I picked up a fringe 1920s inspired dress last time for about $20 which is really a amazing deal.


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