Saturday, 24 November 2012

The Girl behind the Blog

Here are the answers for the questions you asked! i was kidding about my life story but this did get pretty long! 
The difference four and a half years makes!
Dreams for the future? In the future I would love to be able to study fine art, design and photography. My ultimate dream is to own my own business, in a perfect world it would a second hand clothing boutique but in reality I don’t think it will be possible? I guess I will just have to see how things go!

How do I edit photos ? To edit my photos I use Picmonkey. Normally I will just correct the levels (brightness and darkness ) and add colour filters. I use cross process at 30% and dusk at 50% to give it a vintage look? I think its vintagey looking anyway! 

Where do I take my outfit photos? I usually take my blog photos in my bedroom in front of my wardrobe – link to my room tour post. It’s really near a big window so there is good light which is so important for photos

What camera do I have ? I have a Nikon D500, I got it for Christmas I am studying photography at school so it’s more elaborate than you need for blogging but it does the job!

Where in NZ do I live? I live in central wellington – the capital of New Zealand! Aka the middle of middle earth (hobbit thing)

Was I born is NZ? Yes I was! I was born down the bottom of the south island in Dunedin. Ever since then I have been making my way up the country I lived in Christchurch for 5 years before moving to Wellington 4 .5 years ago. And yes, I have always lived here.

What do I think of NZ? Personally I love it. There is nowhere else I would want to live. It’s a very small close knit country that feels really safe. I can’t imagine not living an hour’s drive from the sea (at the most) where I live its 10mins away! I am really proud that we are nuclear free, I don’t remember the protests but I am grateful they happened. What I think is really noticeable if you come here is our laid back nature, everyone’s willing to give a help hand, you meet strangers on the street just willing to have a chat, there are still kids selling lemonade on the pavement! I was one of them! All in all I really enjoy it over here, its nice being so far away because no other countries seem to bother us. None of this land war business!

How I get to Savemart without a car? it’s stupid but I am deadly scared of learning to drive, and yes I know it’s a mind over matter thing but it’s just so intimidating! Haha. I am learning this summer though! When going to the Porirua Savemart I train to Porirua from the welling station and then get on a bus to cannons creek. I can’t remember its name though! It should say on the metlink website. I have never been to the upper Hutt Savemart via public transport but it’s pretty close to the centre of upper Hutt so you could take a bus and walk? If you need more direct instructions just email me! Truth be told I don’t really go to save mart that often because it is so far away! And it’s a little overpriced compared to opshops. I probably only head out there once or twice a year?

Why is my wallpaper in my wardrobe stripy but not in the rest of my room? Good question! I have no idea. Personally I really like it. I guess that maybe the room was originally all wall paper and over time it was renovated and no one bothered about the inside of the wardrobe?

Who are my best friends? I hate this question! I am not too sure how many of my friends read my blog but if they see this then of course I don’t want to offend anyone! The friend I have known the longest is India, we were unbelievably close when I was about 12, but then I moved to wellington. Amazingly we are still really close and I see her nearly every summer and a bit through the year. In fact I would say moving has kept us close. Weird I know but if we were still in the same city I think other new friends would have gotten in the way whereas now we make a conscious effort to stay close. I am really lucky to have a close group of friends here in wellington. We all met at the start of high school and we have been inseparable since – this all sounds so cheesy! I am really lucky to have my friend Paula live literally around the corner so I ALWAYS see her and she often just comes over. My family refers to her as our other sister/daughter it’s almost like she lives here sometimes!

What do I do at work? I work in a factory! Glamorous huh!! My dad hooked me up with the job but I don’t actually work for him so it’s not as if I get an easy time or anything like that. I work in the recycling area of the factory and cut excess yarn of cones. It’s hard to explain but it basically involves physical activity the whole day and I am on my feet for up to ten hours. The only reason I do it is because the pay it soooo good! In 3 days I had made $400.00 which is crazy! Its only short term though, and very sporadic.

Where do I prefer NOT to opshop? I will pretty much opshop anywhere, I have become immune so scummy little back street stores that have weird smelling clothes – I have a washing machine for a reason. Places that I prefer not to shop in are places like red cross store.. It sounds harsh but they are normally overpriced. In saying that though you can still find a bargain and the quality and cleanliness is probably the best for opshop standards. I also prefer to shop in the suburbs – in town they raise the prices.

When am I going to have children? Um…. Being 16 and all I haven’t really given it much thought! I would like to have children I guess it will be a matter of when I meet the right person?

Why do I like tea? I DON’T like tea! Haha. I like herbal teas like lemon and ginger or apple and black current tea. I never drink green tea or normal tea. I think it’s a bit yucky! But I am addicted to herbal tea. I can’t believe I waited this long to find it. If you’re in New Zealand try the Healtheries brand.

If you have any questions keep them coming I am happy to do a follow up post for this! Also, tomorrow will be an outfit post; I know I haven’t done one in a while sorry if all this personal crap is annoying you!


  1. It was great to read more about you like this, Anna! :)


  2. ANOTHER Q&A POST ~ from your NUMBER 1 fan girl :D
    1. You you enjoy picking your nose and eating it?
    2. Toilet paper folder or scruncher?
    3. Do you call your underwear knickers or undies?
    4. Would you prefer to lose all hair and nails on your body or not shower for a year?
    5. When are you moving out of home?
    6. Do you prefer lamps or the main lights on at night time?
    7. Do you enjoy wearing slippers?
    8. Favorite number?
    9. Circles or Squares?
    10. Would you prefer to be stuck in an empty room for 10 years or be put in a small space with 1000 SPIDERS crawling all over you for 2 minutes?

  3. Love this! your life is so different to mine because i live in Kent, england. Love following someone who's life is so different to mine but you blog about clothes too!


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