Thursday, 22 November 2012

QUESTIONS - Do you have any for me?

Hey guys!
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 This is post is going to be a tad more personal than usual, hope you don’t mind! I personally quite like questions posts and get to know me type posts – that could just be my inner creep coming out but I just find reading blogs much nicer when I know a bit about the person, it makes reading their other posts more relatable.

 I thought I would do a questions post of my own. At the moment there are 4 questions I have been asked, which is really enough to do a whole post on, so I thought I would see if any of you had a question. It can be blog related or as random as you like. Blogging tips, what camera I use, about my layout etc.. Or more personal – do I have siblings, what are you studying at school? Where do I see myself in 10 years etc.. Or it could be random – do you like oranges?  Shrubs or bushes? Do you like Austria? I really don’t mind, ask away!

Email me at or comment below.
Thanks! Anna 


  1. would love to know more about NZ i guess!
    so like have you always lived there were you born in NZ etc etc!!

  2. I was beginning to wonder why you had a picture of a poster on your blog, but then i realised it was like a pun thing ish! Very witty Anna.
    who-are your best friends?
    what-do you do at work.. if you work??
    where-do you not like to opshop?
    when-are you gonna have children?
    why-do you like tea?

  3. Love your blog! xo
    why did you delete your pewter flats post?? :'(

    1. I haven't deleted it?
      If you go to the side bar of my blog and hit July, its under that - named PEWTER FLATS.
      Anna xx


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