Sunday, 25 November 2012

Return of the outfit posts + blog post swap anyone?

Finally an outfit post! Sorry that it’s been a while but I have been trying to get up all my haul posts so I can start showing the pieces in outfit posts! Also, normally I take my photos in the evening but after getting home from work I am all dusty and literally look like crap!

This is what I was wearing in the weekend with my new shoes which I was very excited to wear out! I wore this to see the new James Bond movie – is it weird that I really like them?? This one (Sky Fall) I thought was really good especially compared to the last one which I thought ended kind of abruptly? I am head over heals in love with my new floral t-shirt that I got for $4.00 from save mart, it was such a bargain and it’s such a good piece to wear this so many different outfits – its surprisingly versatile. I think what makes it so easy to wear is its ads femininity to an outfit without making it prissy.

Another idea I had for my blog, if you a regular than you may have noticed I am trying to mix up my posts a bit. I was thinking of doing a blog post swap. Pretty much it would involve you writing up an outfit post or make up review or whatever and I would do the same and then it would be posted on each others blog - does that even make sense? I personally really enjoy finding new blogs and sharing them with you guys, plus it’s nice for that person to be appreciated! If you’re interested let me know! Email me at



  1. I love the mix of prints in the outfit, its lovely! &Your blog swap sounds like such a good idea, I'd love to see other people on other peoples blogs, such a clever thing. Love you blog.

  2. A blog post swap, huh? I've never heard of one of those before!! But it would be interesting as I love finding new blogs :)


  3. review of liquid foundation,powder, and brushes :) once you try it

  4. Omggg no its totally not weird to like James Bond its like the best thing ever!
    Love the shoes btw, you should wear them tomorrow :)
    Rose xoxo


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