Saturday, 17 November 2012

some sad news && outfit post.

First off I just want to apologies for the crappy photography! I took these photos at about 7pm and the light was literally blinding me, and now I look super washed out. Second thing is the horribly wanna-be hipster pose, this was highly unintentional, I actually just had an itch on my head, I wouldn’t of used this photo but I am extremely un-photogenic – turns out this photo was the best of a bad bunch.

This is another outfit that more than anything just confirms my love of maxi skirts; they are seriously the most comfortable thing ever! And in case you haven’t noticed I really like wearing skirts – the bonus about wearing a maxi is that you don’t have to worry about flashing your undies around the place which really puts the mind at ease. All of the above is from opshops; each item was under $9.00 (New Zealand dollars)

The sad news, that I have literally just been told is that my great grandma has had a stroke and things aren’t looking too good for the future.. I have the opportunity to go and say goodbye and visit her one last time when my gran goes up to see her. But I’m not sure if I want to remember her how she was or have one last goodbye? It’s a really tricky decision.
Quick side note, this is not an attention seeking attempt,  I genuinely want to know if anyone has ever been in the same position and if they regretted seeing or not seeing a loved one before they die? I would love some advice! Thanks.



  1. Despite receiving sad news, you really do look gorgeous in maxi skirts. I can't say I've been in that situation, but I think you may always wonder 'what if,' if you don't go. You will just need to remind yourself of the good memories and make sure you think of those. If you can't decide what will be bets for you, maybe think of the fact that she would love to see you and know that you are there for her. xx

  2. Love the maxi skirt! I have never been in that situation but she might still want to see u one last time x

  3. I am so so sorry about your great grandma - I would say go and see her, because you know it might be the last time you see her. It really is up to you though :) you look amazing, as always xx

  4. Gorgeous outfit! So sorry about the news, maybe it would be nice to see her to say goodbye xx

  5. Awww I am so sorry to hear of your Great Grandmother. I think it is important for you to go and see her cause you will regret it otherwise. Plus I bet she would love to see you even if she can't speak back it would be great for both of you. My cousins dad recently had a serious heart attack and he will never recover, but he wanted to see his grand children even though all he can reply is 'no' or 'yes'. It really lifted his spirits. I do hope you will be ok and your family.

    P.s you look great in that maxi dress and I love the poses.

  6. You should really go to say goodbye; it will be one of your biggest regrets if you don't go and I'm sure it would upset her not to see you one last time as well. That aside, you look lovely... stay strong :)


  7. I'm so sorry for you. Probably, I'd choose to see her and say goodbye, like the others write you. But you have to feel to do that. Don't force yourself.
    You look adorable as always.

  8. If you go to see and and say goodbye, you will still have all your memories of her from the past. Thinking of you xxx

  9. I have been in a similar position - when my gran was sick, I had the opportunity to see her after she had lapsed into a coma and wasn't doing well. In a lot of ways I wish I hadn't gone to see her - she looked so different than she usually did. But there were things I wanted to say to her, and I wanted a goodbye. In the end, I didn't even speak - I said my goodbye silently and held her hand. I think she knew what I meant. It was tough for me to go, but if you don't see her, there is no shame in that either. In a lot of ways that would be the harder choice, and just as admirable. It is entirely up to you.

    Good luck, dear.


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