Friday, 30 November 2012

WORTH A LOOK - Yen magazine.

I really enjoy magazines. A couple of months ago I did a review; it was actually more me gushing about how much I love Frankie Magazine. In that post I also mentioned there would be a follow up review on my other favourite magazine – YEN. 

YEN and Frankie are very similar; both are aimed at the more fashion conscious, crafty and creative of the social spectrum. In my opinion Yen is possibly more art and fashion focused which really appeals to me. Each issue has an artist and photographer of the month which I thoroughly enjoy; it’s so nice to see a wide variety of artist opinions and styles. YEN is also really likeable in the way it does still have some of those familiarities you expect from a magazine. The usual spreads on what’s on trend and a selection of pieces that demonstrate that look. Which is something that Frankie sometimes lacks. Obviously I am in to fashion and I personally feel it’s something that YEN does better than Frankie?

Over all this is a really beautiful magazine, if you enjoy Frankie then you will most probably enjoy this too. YEN is almost like the little sister to follow up Frankie that I always reach for because two months wait for your favourite magazine is too long! This way I manage to get one per month.



  1. Wow the pictures and text look so beautiful! This would be great for making collages after you've read it! xx

  2. I'm not sure whether I've said before, but I LOVE your bedspread! That looks like my kinda magazine, too.. I'm always looking for mags that cover all my interests, not just fashion & beauty.

  3. Ooo looks like my kind of magazine!! Too bad it's far too expensive for someone overseas (like me) to order :(


  4. Hi! I'm wondering where I can I buy this magazine in New Zealand? Do they sell it at whitcoulls. Thanks! I love your blog! Xx

    1. Hi, yes Whitcoulls sells Yen, but it may be out of stock right now as the new issue will be coming from Australia in the next few weeks :)

    2. Thanks! You're right, I haven't seen any at whitcoulls atm :( so I went to mag nation to get it. Do you know where I can find the onsale dates for nz?


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