Thursday, 22 November 2012

YOUTUBE - Who i'm watching

In my last post I mentioned my growing addiction to youtube! A few of you asked me what my favorite channels where and youtubers that I really liked. First off I just wanted to mention the obvious ones like Zoella and Beauty Crush, all those usual people you hear about – I too love them, but I though I would try and show a wider variety.

THRIFTY YOUTUBERS – I have been trying to widen my horizons with this aspect of my youtube viewing and below are some people that you probably would have never seen but there are also some familiar faces in there as well. Being obsessed with opshopping its only natural that my youtube feed is swamped with these kind of videos. I like to think of it as inspiration! 

 THE FASHION CITIZEN - I have been in love with these two for so long! It’s almost at creepy girl crush level.. They are tried and true thrift shopping pro’s. The stuff they buy is the kind of thing you look at and cry in front of your computer screen ‘why don’t they have that in my thrift stores???’

LULUTRIXABELLE – Lucy’s channel is a mix of styling, beauty and car boot sales – a form of second-hand shopping.  I personally mainly watch the car boot hauls but she recently won a cosmo blog award so she knows what she’s talking about. The stuff she buys is freaking amazing! 

 CLOTHES ENCOUNTERS – Jenn is just one of those people who epitomizes coolness in such an effortless way. Her styling is always spot on and I love how she is so experimental with fashion. I adore all her videos. While she is no longer thrifting as much, seriously look at all her stunning hauls from a few months back.

 VERONICA ANNE – truth be told, I only subscribed to this channel yesterday! But I am already in love! Veronicas thrifting abilities are phenomenal! And she comes across really well on camera which is so nice to see, some youtubers who aren’t as well known can be a little awkward and cliché.

 OUR LIFE AND TIMES – I am personally in love with channel! Lilly is so quirky and really her own persona but still in a really loveable way. I haven’t watched too many of her videos but from what I have seen I really like! She is the kind of girl that I would actually want to meet and be friend with! Haha creepy!

 07NGOMA – This is Maria one of my blogging friends – I say friends but we haven’t actually met haha! More like I have a major crush on  her blog and style! She just started out on youtube this week And I am already addicted to her channel.

Hope you guys enjoyed! 


  1. Thank you SO MUCH for doing this post! I watch so many YouTube videos (obviously including Zoella and Beautycrush) but was just interested to see what you liked because I thought there might be some thrifty ones :) going to watch some videos now! x

  2. I love Jenn, her style is just amazing



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