Saturday, 8 December 2012


I realise that this isn’t a beauty blog, but I think that most people will agree that make up is part of an outfit for most people, so I thought I would do a post on my favourite beauty products. This will probably be a one off post mainly because I don’t have/ buy enough beauty products to make it a regular post! Over here in New Zealand make up is crazy expensive. I am not entirely sure but I think we pay roughly double what you would pay in America or Britain. I also just wanted to point out I am no makeup expert and all the products below are just what I personally like it not necessarily  the best products on the market or miracle workers, it’s just what works for me personally.

I am kind of a newbie to make up and recently I decided to purchase a set of makeup brushes – how very grown up of me! I am not sure if it’s the norm, but I was looking at makeup brushes in a department store and a lot of them (a single brush from an average brand) cost more that the make up its self which to me seemed crazy? A friend of mine bought this set of makeup brushes of ASOS for $20.00 (NZ$), once they arrived and I saw that the quality seemed pretty good – for a beginner at least! I decided to purchase them too, and it’s crazy how much of a difference they make. If you’re just starting out I would really recommend these.
I am not sure if any of you have noticed in my outfit pictures but I suffer from eczema all over my body – especially my legs and have done since I was 5, it’s not really a big issue for me anymore and most of the time it’s not even that bad but in general I do suffer from dry skin especially on my face as most face wash products are really stripping and dehydrating. For me it’s really important, for comfort more than anything that I have a good moisturizer. I just started using this Nivea cream a week ago and it’s so nice! Really thick and creamy but doesn’t irritate the skin as it doesn’t include laurel sulphate which is some nasty chemical that some skin types find irritating. I tend to apply it at night before bed because it can leave you a little shiny looking if you were to apply it before going out but by the morning it’s all completely soaked in and leave your skin feeling nice and soft. 
 I am hopeless at painting my nails, because I take art at school I am used to painting and actually getting the formula on to my nails isn’t an issue but I honestly can’t sit still long enough for it to dry and always end up with finger prints and bumps on my nails. So frustrating. There are honestly so many quick dry nail polishes out there; the only ones that I have used that really do dry fast are these Maybelline ones. I am honestly in love!!
Along with dry skin I also get dry lips. I love this lip balm it’s really moisturizing and is really handy to have throughout the day, plus I find it works well to apply five or ten minutes before lipstick.  I am also really fond of the vanilla scent this lip balm has.

I will be honest, lipstick is kind of intimidating. However there is an exception for me which is this lipstick that I am in love with. For my own lip colour and skin tone, this shade almost comes across as a nude. I would describe it as a nicer more uniform version of my own lip colour. The formula is really creamy and easy to apply which is perfect for a novice such as myself! The colour is’ Mauve it over’ by Revlon.



  1. I absolutely adore Nivea moisturizer! Those nail colours are cute, but I know what you mean about having to be patients when painting nails. Hehe, loving your blog!xx

  2. Wow, such a great blog! I'm your new follower!
    Feel free to visit my blog in ur spare time and ofc follow if you like to!
    Kisses, Compagnion2 :)

  3. Looks like a great set of things you have there Anna!! And that lipstick looks lovely; I haven't tried any of Revlon's matte formulas but this one looks so lovely!!


  4. Love the colour of that Revlon lipstick! So pretty :)
    Great post!
    Daniella x


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